Being Frugal When You Need to be Frugal!

For some of us, it’s easy to fall into bad spending habits and purchase things that are completely unnecessary just because we feel like it. Unfortunately, it’s a really bad habit to fall into and it can run your bank account dry before you know it!

While in college, it’s important to remember (even if you’re a working college student) that money doesn’t just appear in your bank account and that you can only work a certain number of hours each week around your class schedule to earn some extra cash. Therefore, going out and spending it all on pointless items is completely unnecessary and a complete waste of money that you should be saving.

I found 5 tips in which I found to be useful in helping me save some more money this semester in order to prepare for graduate school:

  1. Even if you have a car, learn to carpool with your friends. Don’t fall into the trap of being the only one who drives. It will use your gas and you will more than likely be the only one who pays for the gas. Change it up once in awhile!
  2. Use coupons for items that you need such as toiletries. Quite often, you can find a few coupons online to save you a few extra bucks when shopping for necessities.
  3. Do NOT buy coffee every single day. I fell into this trap my entire sophomore year and it’s MUCH cheaper to brew it at home!
  4. If you purchase things on campus, use your student ID! If you use your student ID, you do not get charged tax. If you run out of money on your student ID, you can add more to it on the UC Dining Commons website!
  5. When you go to buy new clothes (only when necessary), check the clearance racks first! Quite often you will find a few nice things on those racks and they will be much cheaper than some of the new releases on the other racks in the front of the store!

These 5 tips are ones that I constantly have to be mindful of but they have honestly helped me tremendously with my past spending habits! I used to shop all the time and go out to eat at least 3 times a week. It’s a bad habit and it ends up costing much more money than simply being more frugal and saving some extra cash where you can!