Begining Graduate Studies

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone had a great summer and is doing well this semester so far! So as you may already know, this is my senior year and my first year in Occupational Therapy graduate studies! I am pretty excited about it and I am already having a great time getting to know my OT class of 2017 and my fantastic professors. Graduate studies is a lot different than my previous three years at Utica College, so I thought I would tell you a little bit about it and hopefully it helps future OT students!


The first week of classes are actually not your classes for the year… For example, we received a schedule that we must follow the first week of classes that is not the schedule that we created the semester prior. This was to introduce us to the Occupational Therapy program, teach us what OT actually is, introduce us to professors and to the OT class ahead of us. It was very helpful having this week of introductions to get us weaned into everything and to make us feel more comfortable. I personally was very nervous the first day (I am not sure why)!

The next week of classes was the first week of our normal schedules, so it was sort of fun having two “first weeks” of classes to get used to everything. Graduate studies are a lot different than taking core classes because all of my classes are Occupational Therapy classes. We also had to get quite a few books, but we have already used them all at least once and do exercises from them which makes learning very active for us. I learn a lot better through doing these exercises at the end of readings and they are actually pretty fun and interesting. We also do a lot of hands on and discussion based classes rather than your typical lecture class, which I love! Overall, I am absolutely loving my first couple weeks of graduate studies for the Occupational Therapy program.


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