Be Prepared…..

Be prepared… don’t be fooled


Yes, typically this is the season to be putting away those winter coats, boots, and winter clothes but try to wait it out. It’s not worth getting sick! As you seen in the past weeks we go from snowy to rainy to sunny back to snowy days in the course of a month. Don’t send those clothes back home hold on to them, hold off on those short outfits and tanks. Don’t be a fool and end up with no winter coat in the middle of a snow-hail-rain storm. This will simply lead to you being sick during finals week. ): NOBODY needs that to happen!

Stay hydrated! Continue to push fluids and also add on a vitamin to boost your immune system. If you feel yourself getting a snuffy nose, dry throat or even a sneeze start early action medications like Airborne, EmergenC, and/or Zicam. Try to stay ahead as best you can! You worked too hard to have to fight a cold during finals week. Again, don’t be a foul! Your smarter than that. (:

Lastly, on days that it may look beautiful out… don’t leap into those shorts, dresses, sandals and so on. Think about wearing those jeans, with a hoodie or light jacket. Don’t be afraid to add a light scarf to your outfit. BEAT this weather! You’ll have all summer to wear those cool summery outfits. Just wait on it…. and remember don’t be a FOOL! ( : 




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