Be Prepared for Next Semester

Hey everyone! I know you are just focusing on finishing finals and looking forward to the summer but when August rolls around, remember these tips for coming back! Preparation is the key to an easy start of the semester!

1. Remember to print out your schedule.

2. Buy all the notebooks, pencils, paper, ect. that you will need! Take an inventory of your school supplies.

3. Take inventory of your dorm room supplies. Ex: cleaning supplies, personal hygiene supplies, ect.

4. Wash all of your dorm room bedding, rugs, ect.

5. Purchase your textbooks ahead of time!

6. Talk to your roomate/clustermates and decide what you want to bring back. I know I am planning on bringing my Wii back for our living room area of our cluster!

7. Start packing early!

8. Prepare what clothes you may need.

9. Pack ahead of time, not the hour before leaving like I do…

10. Clean your room at your house so your parents will not have to deal with your mess!

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