My Favorite Places to Eat in Utica!

If you are not from the area, Utica is very well known for it’s restaurants and food! It is home to the tomato pie, half moon cookies, chicken piggies and Utica Greens! Some of my favorite places to eat are as follows (in no particular order):

  1. Swifty’s: I love the laid-back atmosphere and wings here! A great hang out for my friends and I.
  2. Aqua Vino: Classy and by the water!
  3. O’scugnizzo Pizzeria: home of the tomato pie and one of the first pizzerias in Utica!
  4. Symeons: Tasty Greek restaurant!
  5. Delmonico Steak House: I am a carnivore and therefore this place is heavenly! It is the place to get a great steak!
  6. Dippin Donuts: Need a coffee to get you through class? There are so many flavors, it is amazing!
  7. Nicky Doodles: This is my favorite ice cream place in the world! The sundaes are to die for, my favorite is the Fluffernutter Sundae!
  8. Tom Cavallos’s: On Moday’s there are is an endless pasta deal where you can get endless pasta for $2!!! It is really good and on a college student’s budget!
  9. Georgio’s Village Cafe: I love the chicken piggies here, so delicious!
  10. Voss: I brought my parents here for the milkshakes and great BBQ! Check it out this summer!



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Chilling During Finals Week

IMG_4432The last couple weeks of classes are probably the most chaotic. There are finals coming up, students graduating and end of the year banquets going on. Utica College and the many organizations within it have been putting on de-stress events which have helped my roommates and I a lot! Some of the events that have been put on had the following activities:

  1. Punching bag balloons: my roommates have had a blast with these! They are durable balloons we blew up and they have a rubber band attached so you can punch your stress away!
  2. Make your own stress ball: pour some sand into a balloon and you have your own stress ball!
  3. Calming oils: at one of the events we went to, there were calming oils we put onto a sponge and then placed them in our windows for a calming presence!
  4. Play-Doh: we were able to take a free container of Play-Doh and it really is stress relieving when studying
  5. Massages: There were free massages going on in Streble lounge along with an acoustic singer!
  6. Therapy dogs: On several occasions, therapy dogs have been brought onto campus for students to cuddle and play with. This is my favorite event!
  7. Of course you can always go to the zoo like my roommates and I did to de-stress! We went to the Syracuse Zoo, which was awesome! Don’t forget the Utica Zoo right down the road from the college, though!IMG_4444

Good luck on your finals Utica College, may the odds be ever in your favor!


Senior Feels

Hey Folks,


This semester has flown by and I still have so much to do! I have been very busy with school work and with all of the activities going on, on campus (you can check it out on my last blog post). I will be graduating this semester with my Bachelor’s degree in Health Studies and I will be continuing in the Occupational Therapy graduate program for another year at Utica College. Although I have another year on campus, it is still pretty emotional being a senior! I will be on campus for the Fall 2016 semester and for a couple weeks in the Spring 2017 semester (for most of the spring semester I will be at home on fieldwork!). Technically, this is my last real spring semester on campus!

I have many friends on campus in different majors and in different years on campus (Junior year, senior year, ect.) but some of my best friends from my first year, will be graduating and going home to their first real jobs. I met my roommate for freshman year at an Open House and we have been together ever since! We were on a tour of the school and we started talking and found a common love of horses. In the meantime, our families were talking on their “parent” tour and hit it off. When the students and families came back together it was completely ironic that our families hit it off and so did we. We exchanged numbers and talked over the summer, planning out what we were bringing and when we were moving in. We became best friends and we stuck together the full four years of college! We are constantly asked if we are sisters and we have just started telling people “yes”. We went through the awkward first week of college getting to know everyone and making friends, figuring out how to get to classes, eating ice cream for every meal, trying out clubs and going to different activities on campus and getting to know the Utica area together. It will be odd in the fall when she is not here, but I know I have other friends to hang out with on campus. Although she will be graduating and going on her internship, I know we will remain best friends and that we will return as Alumni someday! This is just one of the great friendships I have made at Utica College and I am so grateful for it! Good luck Seniors and thank you for all of the memories!

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So Many Activities!

Hey Everyone!FullSizeRender

(2016 Senior Class Best Friends!)

I apologize for my absence, the past few weeks have been crazy! The end of the semester is getting chaotic with projects, senior events and events in general! I have been trying to attend as many events as possible with my friends because although I will be on campus another year for my Master’s degree, my friends will not be.

Etiquette Dinner:

Every year the office of Career Services holds an Etiquette Dinner where student’s are invited (for free) to participate in a guided five course meal by a professional dining expert. Utica College Alumni of different majors are also invited to sit at tables with students to discuss professionalism. It was a great experience and I learned a lot! The dinner was amazing and the professional dining expert gave us a lot of feedback on how to act professionally while at dinner.

Relay for Life:

This year the Relay for Life was held in the new Dome! It was a lot of fun and for a great cause! Almost all of the clubs and organizations on Utica College campus participated and all of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. There were bake sales going on, games like Kan Jam and even life sized Hungry Hungry Hippos!IMG_4314IMG_4299IMG_4300

Escape- The Final Chapter:

For the past four years of my college experience, there has been an event called Escape, which is a rave put on by Utica College students who enjoy dj-ing! It is an event for 18 and up and it is held within the community of Utica. It is a great event for students to have fun at off campus!

Senior Networking Night and Happy Hour:

Career Services held a networking night for seniors to meet with UC Alumni and career services faculty to go over any last minute senior questions! There were free cocktails for seniors 21 and up and appetizers! It was a lot fo fun and I got to see a lot of my friends who are also seniors.


My favorite event on campus! Holi is a spring celebration that the Asian Student Union holds every year in the quad. This year the colors were more vibrant than ever! My friends and I had a lot of fun at our last Holi!IMG_4365FullSizeRender-2



Where Can OTs Work?

As you guys know, I have been blogging about Occupational Therapy (my major!) in preparation for Occupational Therapy Month! I have told you about the profession, what OT’s do, the program at Utica College (in previous posts) and about my classes! Tonight I will discuss some of the fun areas that an Occupational Therapist can work in. There are so many areas and ages groups that OT’s can work in/with and I will not be able to tell you about all of them, but you can get an idea of the wide variety there is! I will tell you about the areas that I have seen and will be seeing for fieldwork. For example, for my community hours (for class) I have worked as a teacher at the Refugee Center and I have helped out with Life After High School students (both have been discussed in previous blogs!). For my first fieldwork, I was at LutheranCare in Clinton, NY (20mins away from Utica College) and it was a sub acute rehabilitation center. For my summer fieldwork, I will be at a hospital at home, which is considered acute care. This fall, I will be going to the Dominican Republic with my peers in the Occupational Therapy class to work with children. Next spring, I will be back at home at a children’s developmental center where I could be working in client’s homes, early intervention, schools and in outpatient settings! I will be getting a lot of different experiences from fieldwork, but I have also job shadowed at a nursing home to see how Occupational Therapists can assist the elderly. There are so many areas that Occupational Therapists can work and these are only a few that I will be working with! Unknown


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Class at the Grocery Store?

Hello Everyone!

In my previous posts I have discussed some of my Occupational Therapy labs and how they are hands on and outside of the classroom. This week we are learning about how Occupational Therapist’s go into the workplace and assist in prevention of work related injury for different occupations. My professor, Linnea Franits, is an Occupational Therapist who worked in work related injury prevention in a steel factory. She has had real experience doing this type of work, so it has been awesome getting to learn about the topic from her. All of my Occupational Therapy professors have real life experiences in different areas, so when we go over certain topics, whoever has the most experience with it (or enjoys it) teaches it. It is amazing to have such a large variety in professors because they all have something new and different to share and they are very passionate about their experiences… Back to what I was saying, this week we discussed how important prevention of work related injury is and how Occupational Therapists can help. In order for us to get some experience in this field, we met for lab at Chanatry’s Hometown Market in Utica (right down the road from the college!). We split up into teams of 3 and each team had to observe the body mechanics of workers in a section of the store (deli, stocking shelves). We had to observe how the workers were moving their bodies and to see if they were working in ways that were not harmful to their bodies (use proper body mechanics to avoid injury). My group had to observe the workers stocking the shelves and it was a lot of fun! It was interesting to observe people doing tasks and decide whether they are doing it in a way that is safe for their bodies. For example, poor posture or lifting heavy boxes for an extended period of time, in a repetitious way, can cause back injury over time. As an Occupational Therapist in this setting,  you would observe and discuss occupations with workers and see what they find challenging. The Occupational Therapist will then discuss alternative ways in order to make the job easier or safer for the workers to prevent injury. The workers at Chanatry’s were very helpful and friendly to work with and it gave us great practice within this field of Occupational Therapy. chan-front


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Spring Break Prep

Happy Spring Break!DSCN1998 2

The weather is getting warmer and spring is in the air! Before going home for spring break, you should remember these little tips…

  1. Take home your big, heavy winter clothing and jackets! You will most likely not need your snow pants anymore, so take them home and give yourself some more room in your dorm closet!
  2. Bring back your spring/summer clothes! I live five hours away, so I am unable to come home to get my clothes whenever I want. I always bring back my warmer clothes from this break!
  3. Make sure your room is clean! Spring cleaning is no joke, after dragging in salt from winter boots all winter, your room is probably in need of a good scrub down.
  4. Bring back your outside games/activities! It will soon be time to play in the Quad, so don’t forget your baseballs, footballs, Kan Jam and whatever else you like to do!
  5. Make sure to follow the directions for leaving campus that your RA has given you. That way, they can leave as quickly as possible!

Have a great and safe break! I am going to be riding my horse 24/7….


Stuff No One Says: I LOVE Lab

Howdy Everyone,

So I know some people are not exactly thrilled when it comes to the thought of sitting in class for three hours, but our occupational therapy labs are the best! I will tell you about just a few of the great opportunities I have been given through my OT labs.

  1. We went to yoga for senior citizens. How cool is that? We car pooled to a yoga facility about five minutes from the college and we did yoga with senior citizens. We learned about yoga, how to do it and we were able to interact with the seniors about the benefits they receive from yoga.
  2. We go to Sitrin healthcare. We learn about different diagnoses in class and then we get to interact with clients who have those diagnoses and we get to give them an assessment and do practice treatments with them!
  3. We did water aerobics for arthritic clients. We went to Sit-in and got into the pool and did a routine that is done with clients who have arthritis.
  4. We have gust speakers come in and discuss diagnoses, or their profession (we had an OT come in who talked about hip precautions and a speech therapist who discussed their profession).
  5. We went to Faxton to learn from an OT who specializes in balance of clients and we were able to try the equipment they have.

There are so many opportunities we get in our OT labs that give us first hand experience in the field and with communicating with clients. ph_thr_c







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Hey guys!occupational_therapy_we_get_it_done_dinosaur_tshirt-rc5aafeb355ec4a4e9f2d05b49f19f81d_804gy_398

As you know, I am in the Occupational Therapy program at Utica College! Like I have mentioned previously, I am in my first year of graduate studies for the program and it is also my fourth year of college. Pretty cool, right? I know this coming month is March, but I am so excited for April! April is Occupational Therapy month and to celebrate it, I would love to give you a post a week about: the program, Occupational Therapy in general, my classes, fieldwork and anything else you may want to know! Physical Therapy tends to get a lot of attention, but Occupational Therapy is equally as important and when we work with the Physical Therapists on a client, we are a great team in helping the client! I will give you a briefing on the differences in Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Physical Therapy because they are all similar, they tend to work on the same clients and all of it can be confusing!

Occupational Therapy:

There are so many definitions of Occupational Therapy (OT) because it is so broad and there is a lot to it. My personal definition would be that: OT is a type of therapy to help rehabilitate people of any age with physical and/or mental diagnosis’s to enhance their quality of life. Even something that sounds as simple as putting on a pair of pants can mean everything to a client. Occupational Therapists work with the client to help them regain independence and to help them get back to doing their occupations that are meaningful to them. An occupation can be anything from getting dressed, going to work, riding a horse, ect. Occupations do not just mean work! 

Speech Therapy:

Speech Therapy is a type of therapy that focusses on improving speech, language and oral motor control. This therapy can be used on children who may not be able to talk or for elders who have difficulty swallowing. It is for a wide range of diagnosis’s like OT and can be used for many of the same clients.

Physical Therapy:

This is where it can be tricky between Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy! Physical Therapy (PT) is like OT because it works with many of the same clients and it also works on physical impairments. They are different because a PT looks at the body in a biomechanical way and focusses on the injured structures of the body and an OT looks at the body as a whole and focusses on functionality and improving quality of life. A PT looks specifically at mobility and function physically. For example: if an 84 year old man falls and breaks his hip, the pT will focus on getting him to be able to stand and walk again. The Ot will work on some of the same things but they will also focus on helping the man with his activities of daily living and help him adapt to his injured hip in the process of healing.

I am not a professional at explaining this yet and the differences in PT and Ot, but I hope this helped a bit!

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2016 Grad Finale

Hey Everyone!Print

As you all know, I am in my senior year of college and first year in the graduate Occupational Therapy program! This semester I will be graduating with my bachelors in Health Studies and I will continue on in the Occupational Therapy program next year and receive my Master’s degree next spring! It is definitely a hectic time and a lot of things to register for with graduation. Here are the events and things you may still need to sign up for!

  1. Register: Make sure you register for your degree by March 15 and submit your RSVP for Commencement.
  2. If you are planning on attending graduate studies, make sure to go to the Office of Graduate Studies. they can help you get on track for graduate studies at Utica College and other colleges.
  3. Make sure your friends and family book their hotel rooms for graduation if they leave far away!
  4. Check out the Utica College Bookstore for purchasing your hat, gown, stole, ect.

Some important dates to remember are:

Senior Ball (8 pm Sunday, May 7th)

Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony (Sunday, May 8th 9:30am)

Undergraduate Commencement Reception (Sunday, May 8th after graduation ceremony)

Hope this brief rundown was helpful! Congratulations Seniors!