Midnight Breakfast!

Midnight breakfast for me is the funnest day of the whole semester for various reasons. We get to do so many things such as eat my favorite meal at night, get on a mechanical bull, use a photo booth with your friends, make dog tags, and get drawn as a cartoon. Luckily I was able to enjoy all of them except for the human cartoon drawing. Apart from that, we also got to see the fraternities dance.


The mechanical bull overall brought the most laughter to me, and was where I spent most of my time. Watching everybody get on and see how many seconds they lasted on it made me laugh so much. It took me a while to convince one of my friends to do it, and I did not leave until she actually went on it. After I convinced my friend Laura to do it, every time she fell down, she got back up on the bull to do it. It was so funny. Had a really good time watching everybody.


As I was getting my dog tag, the line was so long. I got to the line at 10 p.m. and was able to get my dog tag by 11:20 p.m. Even though it took long, I was happy because I love my dog tag, and I am planning on wearing it when I go home for Christmas break. The picture is of me me holding my neice who is 2 months old. Can’t wait to see her when I go back home.


What I Love About Utica

Utica College has many things to offer, and many things we both like and dislike. We love the small community where everyone knows everyone. Some love the one-on-one attention we get from our teachers and peers.  Overall, my number one favorite thing about Utica College is the community’s willingness to help others.

Compared to many other places around the country. Utica College is able to offer us a hand whenever we need help. One great thing about this is that, not only does the staff offer help, but the students as well. I have been to many other schools who I personally have noticed do not really care about you or whether or not you need help; you will be on your own. I feel bad for students who go to schools like that and am greatly thankful to be part of this one where there is extra assistance and help.

I am currently excited for the Blood Drive that is going to occur tomorrow from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Strebel Lounge, promoted by the Lambda Sigma Upsilon and Chi Beta Sigma. Many Red Cross Blood Drives are being cancelled because of the lake effect snow pummeling us in both the western counties of NY, as well as the Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties, but there are always people available to help like us.

Back in New York City where I live, I always loved volunteering and helping others, and it reminded me of when I used to Volunteer in New York Presbyterian Hospital as an assistant nurse during my high school years. I remember every year when they were donating blood in the Cardiology department, I would take a little bit of my time and donate.


We always waste some time, so why not take some of that time to make a difference to help others?


Share the Love & Happy Thanksgiving!

To some of us Thanksgiving is not a holiday, but to most of us it is. I really dislike the fact that after the Native Americans helped the new Americans that arrived from England, the people from England took advantage of their help and started killing the native Americans to take over the country. Overall, I feel like Thanksgiving’s main focus was on that night that the Native Americans united with the pilgrims and gave them lots and lots of food, and both races had dinner as a big happy family.

That is what we have to look at, and take note that we should be thankful for what we have been given – for the people that we meet, the people that raise us and help us do better in life. All of us make mistakes. We cannot hate people forever. We should forgive one another because not everybody is the same. So take your time to thank people for everything they have done for you as well as to better yourself to help others and not hurt them.

Apart from that, one of the things I am thankful is for coming to Utica College. I have met both mean and nice people, but overall nice. I love the vibe in this small city where you know most people, and most people enjoy your presence when you come into the room. It is something I don’t really experience much in New York City. Here, the love is big, and as well as in the Utica College campus. I love the fact that we get to have Thanksgiving dinner here in the cafeteria, and for me personally, it is one of the best meals of the whole school year. We all look so happy and full of joy, eating like a big happy family during this time of the year. And even though Utica has brought me both ups and downs, Utica College’s experience is one I am greatfull of having in my memories for the rest of my life.


This Weekend

Most of us enjoy watching our football team play. I know I do. This past weekend, many of us were able to attend the game, which was held at Morrisville State College; our school rented a bus for all students who wanted to attend the game but did not have a ride. The weather was a little on the bad side because, unfortunately, it started to rain. Watching the game overall was so much fun because our school was so excited, and everyone cheered and supported our school. Even though we did lose, we still had a good game, and everyone enjoyed it. Overall, it was a great season and we won many, like the game against Buffalo State.

Apart from that, I later went out to celebrate one of my friend’s birthday at Red Lobster. I enjoyed it very much, and the best part was the desert: a brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was AMAZING!



How Was Your Weekend?

This weekend for me had both its good and bad sides to it. Sadly, I had a lot of studying to do for my biology lab class. I had to learn all the cat muscles that I dissected, and all human muscles of the leg, arm, abdominal, chest, and head. It was really stressful to memorize so many names and know where each of those muscles belong. Overall, I was proud of myself because I was able to memorize it all and ended up helping others. Some good techniques I would recommend anybody else taking biology lab 101 would be to take videos of the muscle and point them out while saying their names, and on your free time, watch those videos. Trust me it will help you a lot.


On the other hand, Saturday night was really fun. I attended the Fuerza Latina Talent Show. There was so many people there that some were not able to get in the auditorium. We had performances from Albany and SUNYIT. A group of dancers were from Albany, and the group from SUNYIT rapped. The talent show was suppose to end  at 9:30 p.m., but it actually ended at 11p.m. It was a long night for all of us that attended, and a very enjoyable one too. My favorite act was the step team, just like last time when they performed at the A.I.M. showcase, They were my favorite, and they still are.



Beautiful, Ugly, and Fun Winter

For many of us, winter is our favorite season. Others, on the other hand, hate it. I personally do not completely love winter or completely hate in. In other words, it has both its bad and good effects.


When walking around Utica campus, winter is one of the most beautiful seasons. The school looks so pretty filled with snow, looking like a winter wonderland. One of the most annoying things is when cleaning your car, and sometimes your car can be stuck in the snow, and might take you a couple minutes before you can get it out. You will find some people that will help you move your car at times as well, which I find so nice of people to do that here.


A part from that, one of the most interesting activities to do is going to one of our school’s hockey games! Our hockey team is one of the best teams in the United States. People from all over the world come to our school specifically to join our hockey team, or to even just watch a game. I personally had never been to one of my schools hockey games or a hockey game in general because it is not really that popular where I come from. Last week was one of the first times I attended one. I truly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t gone to one, and give it a try at least once. It is a really fun sport!


Campus in the Fall

Personally, fall on campus is my favorite for various reasons. Since it is the beginning of a year, you know what that means? New faces start to appear. We get to meet a lot of new transfers, as well as new freshman students coming into the school, which establishes new friendships.

I love meeting new people, especially freshman because some of them are new here to Utica, N.Y. I like helping them out by giving them advice and recommending places for them to go for food, accessories, entertainment, etc. I know when I came here last year as a freshman, I used to feel really lost, and actually would’ve loved to have an upperclassmen help me figure out things that I needed help in.

Apart from that, fall is just such a beautiful season, when all the trees turn bright red and yellow, and the sun shinning down on them makes them glow. In my opinion, it is the season that makes the school look its best.


Lastly, it is one of my favorite semesters because, for me, I feel like it is the shortest, and the ending is beautiful because it ends during Christmas, which is also my favorite holiday.


Anything is Possible

Many of us struggle  in various ways when it comes to school. The way in which I struggled is very common to a lot of people, but I feel like it affects me a lot more than everybody else. My problem is when it comes to paying attention. I am really bad at staying focused during class, and any little thing can easily distract me.

Over the years, I have discovered that I learn better one-on-one, and I cannot learn in a class full of students. Usually, when I am around people, I get distracted when someone makes a certain movement, and it will make me lose my train of thought. Because of that, I make sure I have tutors for all my classes, and I also apply early so I wont be stuck on the waiting list. That way, whenever I need help, I can go to my tutor or math teacher and get the help I need.

One of my math teachers left a great impact on me because he noticed how, in the beginning of the class, I was doing great, and my grades just started falling down. I did not use my phone and I just sat through the class, writing down what he told us, but did not really take in what he did in class. I used to go back to my room confused and that caused me to not do so great in my class. He got so upset with me one day, and told me I was going to fail his class if I kept getting the grades I was. He made me feel bad because I could see how disappointed he was, and I did not like that.

I soon started attending his office hours, and everything was so easy for me. I was kind of upset because I could have seen him before, and my laziness kept me from going to meet with him. If I went to his office hours from the beginning, I was pretty sure I could have gotten an “A” in his class, and he even said it himself. Even though I did not get my A in that class, I was able to pump my grade up in the last 4 weeks of class from and F to a C+, and I can say I am truly proud of myself. What made me feel even better was how proud and happy he was of me.



Why I Chose My Major

Coming from a really big family, I have a lot of people that are there to motivate me everyday. One of my cousins, whom I consider my big sister because she was always there for me since the day I was born, is now a general doctor. Her name is Audrey, and the fact that she took time out of her studies to be with me growing up means a lot to me and, in a way, made me feel special. Hanging out with her, I got to see her books and tools that she used in school for her medical studies, and I became interested in them.

When I entered high school, I was required to volunteer in my community in order to graduate. I did not want to volunteer in just any regular place. Unlike many of the rest of my classmates who volunteered anywhere just to get it over with, I wanted to volunteer somewhere health-related.

I went to a nearby hospital known as one of the best hospitals in the United States and applied there. It took a while for me to get an acceptance, but I got an interview. That interview was really influential to me because I noticed how I was the youngest one. Everybody else was 25 and up.

Later on, I started working in the Cardiology department, and I loved it. I was basically like an assistant nurse, wearing a blue jacket while most patients looked at me like a real nurse. I assisted the patients and made conversation with those who were lonely, who had nobody who visit them. I helped them get out of bed, put their clothes on, or if they needed anything, I had access to a room with all the utilities such as lotion, hand sanitizer, soap, food, etc.

Working there, I met a lot of inspiring people during lunch when I had to share tables because there wasn’t enough space for everybody to eat. I was able to sit down and eat with doctors, nurses, and technicians during their lunch break. Being so young, I was scared, but I was proud of myself for going all out and getting that volunteering position in a hospital. I ended up loving it so much that I did more hours than I was required to.

I then knew I wanted to be a nurse because I wanted to be able to talk to and have contact with people and actually be there for them. Doctors do not really get the chance to do that because they are mostly in their office. I do not want to be just any nurse; I want to be a pediatric nurse because I have a heart for children. Growing up with my mom as a daycare provider, I also had a lot of contact with children my whole life, and I just love them. I learned how children react the way they do and how to make them feel happy.


Favorite Class

Growing up, I loved anything that had to do with arts and crafts. I do not believe I am really good at drawing, but I do believe I can make something out of it. At Utica College, I am following my career path of nursing, but deep down, I love art and drawing. My first year here at Utica College, as I walked around campus, I noticed a lot of students who would sit outside campus and paint anything they see as s part of their class project. I found that to be so interesting that I decided to look into taking art classes for fun.

Starting my sophomore year of college I decided to take an art course. To start off, I added Art History into my schedule, which fits perfectly. Now I currently take it with professor Cittadino Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:30 a.m.

We finished an assignment based on blending and use of colors. At first, it was really hard for me to decide what to draw, but then I came up with the idea of drawing two love birds sitting on a branch. I decided to blend different set of colors for each bird. For the male, I used cool colors and for the female, I used warm colors.




I am really excited for our next project, which will be on collages. I am thinking about drawing a collage instead of actually making one. Can’t wait. Till next time.