End Of The Semester Stress

The end of the semester  is here, summer is approaching and so is stress. Whether  you are a junior,freshmen, sophomore, or senior stress is something we all feel as college student around this time of year. During this time , it is important that we deal with stress and frustration in a healthy way and to stay positive.

Here are some tips to help you  deal with stress in a healthy/positive way:

Tip #1: Gym time – When you are feeling overwhelmed and burden going to the gym is a perfect way to deal with stress. The gym is healthy and it is proven  that working out helps you sleep better and increases your chances of having a better mood the next day.

Tip #2: Water- Drinking alot of water is very important and necessary in not only a healthy lifestyle but it  is especially important during this time of the semester. Drinking at least 2bottle of water will decrease your chances of headaches. It also helps your body run better throughout the day.

Tip #3: Breakfast Eating healthy is hard but it has its benefits. Eating an healthy breakfast is even better. When you start your day with an healthy breakfast your body will run like a machine throughout the day. Even if you only eat breakfast and you skip lunch your body will still be running off of your breakfast. Normally your body takes 6 hours to digest one meal.

Healthy Breakfast Options:

Option #1- Cereal, 1 Fruit, Water, Orange juice

Option #2- Oatmeal, Water, Granola bar

Option #3- Yogurt, Juice, Cereal Bar

Tip #4: SleepSleeping  is sooooo important. Some may think that you need to go to bed at 10pm and wake up at 6am to feel fully rested but that’s not true. If you sleep for at least 3-4 hours a night then you will be fine. Sounds Crazy !! I know but if you eat healthy, exercise, drink water, and sleep 3-4 hours a night your body will do the rest. Its like oiling a machine, once you give your body what it needs then it will give you what you need.

 I hope that these tips have been helpful to you during this semester!

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Beating the Weather

Right now as I write this post it is Saturday February 21, 2015 ; 17 degrees here in Utica, New York. Never would I have thought that I will going to school in these conditions, I always thought I would be more comfortable in some place like California or Miami. Nevertheless I’m here in Utica N,Y and -10 and below are the weather  conditions that I deal with during the winter. Instead of crying over it I decided to make the best of this kind of weather. How you may ask? Simply by finding simply ways to brighten up my day.

#1: IPOD/Music Player ; without my iPod I wouldn’t be able to make it, In such gloomy weather, listening to uplifting music and even summer playlist can put you in good mood to start your day.



2. Room Decor;Redecorating your room is always a great way to brighten up your mood. Your dorm room is your home away from home and the more homey you feel the better. Adding bright colors to your room space can help you feel like there is some light within the darkness of the winter. For me I added studio lighting to my bedroom, so my room always looks so bright, I also added alot pictures of family,friends, and special events in my life, this makes  me feel more at home and also add’s a special touch to my room.




Student Advocacy Day : My Experience


Almost a week ago, I was able to attend my first Student Advocacy Day. Me along with other Utica College Students went to stand up for a cause. Student Advocacy day is a chance for all colleges big or small to come together and make a difference for their school and themselves. Student Advocacy day is surrounded around the idea of fighting for financial aid to be consistent and to increase. Students of HEOP, TAP, STEP, EOP recipient attended this conference to tell the administrators thank you for their hard work. Every school has an administrator who represents the college on their behalf. When you enter into the building        (which was the state capitol and legislative building), you go threw security and then you walk through a hallway with about seven tables, and each table represents a different program. After that you go meet your representative and he explains how the will day go and thanks you for your corporation in this process, he also informs you of who you will be speaking with and he give you some pointers on how to successfully get your point across.DSCN0835

After that we get an opportunity to meet other schools and hear about other students journeys and experiences with the different programs. Next is a tour of the assembly and then it is lunch time, after lunch time you get a tour of the entire building ( capitol) and then you meet your legislator and after that  the day comes to an end.DSCN0839

I believe Advocacy day is important for students to attend because, the financial aid is for us, because of these various programs we are able to go to school and make something out of our self’s. Showing support and thanking the people who help us reach our goals is a important  thing for students to take part in.


AVU Is On Top This Semester



Angelic Voices of Unity has been in the spotlight this semester. Preforming at every event and talent show they can get in, AVU has been standing strong, and the choir is set to have a bright future.

AVU is gospel group here at Utica College. The members go to church on Sunday, have events on campus and do performances here at Utica College, as well as at other colleges. Also, AVU has a dance team that performs. So if you’re looking to join a club with people that are on fire for God and love to perform, then AVU might be your club/org.


Thanksgiving Break! Do you know how your getting home?

This is the time of the year, the holidays are coming soon and trans portion to go home can be difficult to find. Here are some ways you can get home during the holidays.

School Break Bus – Which can be purchased at student activities

Cost: $70 Round trip

Amtrak– Which can be purchased at www.Amtrak.com

Cost: $100 Round Trip

Regular Bus Fair ( Bernie Bus, Grey Hound, etc) Which can also be purchased at Student Activities

Cost: $65-$90


Confused About Life? You’re Not Alone



I have to say, this semester has been the most stressful of my entire college experience so far. I am more involved with activities on campus, which demands more of my time, and I am constantly trying to manage my life, manage my money, keep up with school and still have time for friends in between all of that.

The amount of things I have going on is stressing me out and making me feel confused about my life, and most importantly, my major. I have thought of changing my major about 30 times this semester. Freshman year, I never questioned my major; now, that’s all I can think of.

But my experience is to show everyone that we all get lost and confused in college because we are still growing and trying to figure out what we want and where we wanna go. So if you’re reading this, and you feel confused, don’t be alarmed. Go talk to your advisor (everyone has an advisor, so find out who yours is), and here at Utica free counselling is offered, so you always have someone to talk to. I have done both, and it has made all the difference. Use your resources because we pay for them.


Feeling Burned out? The End is Near

By this time in the semester, I know I am usually burned out and ready to go on Winter Break.

Midterm Week is over, and finals are approaching very soon. The bittersweet feeling of the semester being over and the school work coming to an end for winter break leaves a weird feeling in my heart. For some of us, this is the last semester of our college journey, and for the rest of us, we are coming a step closer to being the person we want to be and completing our degree. Holding on to these moments and experiences is important. Even though it may seem stressful now, being self motivated and continuing to push forward will get you to where you want to be.

Here are somethings that I do when I feel burned out: 

  1. I go to the gym

– A good work out is always a good way to release stress and anger.

2. Go for a walk

– There is nothing strange or awkward about going on a walk alone. Sometimes, you need to hear yourself think.

3. Go for a spa day/personal mall day

– Go to the mall and treat yourself to a personal day. There is something about shopping, eating and pampering myself that always gets me in a good mood. Also, it is something that makes me feel in control.


Haunted House Time is Here

photo 2

Haunted House time is here once again. RHA (Resident Hall Association) is hosting their annual Haunted House on Oct. 31 in South Hall Basement from 6 – 8:30 p.m. Haunted House is one of RHA’s biggest and most well-known events here at UC. It is free and open to faculty members, staff and the entire Utica Community.

Every October, South Hall is decorated by RHA members, and every room has a different theme. Also, children will receive free candy at the door. You don’t want to miss the Haunted House this year; it’s going to be epic.

What is RHA?

RHA stands for Resident Hall Association. RHA is geared towards making campus life more comfortable and enjoyable. In the past, we have held numerous successful events on campus, such as Haunted House, Crystal Ball, Date auction, and Luau. We have our general body meetings every Wednesday in Bell Conference Room (located in the basement of bell) at 1 p.m. Commuters, as well as on campus students, are welcome to join us.

Can’t attend weekly general body meetings? If your schedule conflicts with our meeting date/time, no problem. We are flexible with students, so if you contact one of the RHA e-board members and let them know, then you can be put on our email list, and we will keep you up-to-date on everything that is going on.

Think it’s too late to be a part of the haunted house?

Nope, RHA is always looking for help. We have several areas where extras are needed, and RHA also has little duties and big duties, so there’s something out there for everyone to do.

General Body Meetings: Wednesday at 1 p.m. in Bell Conference Room

Haunted House Meetings: Wednesday night  at 9 p.m.

Location: South Hall


Cafe Food: Are You Over It?

I can’t count on my fingers how many times a week I get sick and tired of the cafe food: burgers, pizza, pasta, soda, etc. At first, it’s pretty cool and enjoyable because you’re away from home, but after a semester or two, it gets draining and you are dying for a home-cooked meal. However, what some students don’t know is that there are local stops around campus in the Utica area where they can get something other than the usual food.  Below, I will give resources on other food sources around campus.


Utica College shuttle Vans

Utica College offers shuttle vans to the mall at least twice a week. The shuttles are free of charge, and you can go with friends and grab a bit to eat. The mall has Walmart,Chipotle, Chinese food, Subway, pizza, Panera Bread and other little food stores.The shuttles leave from in front of Strebel and usually runs every hour. The shuttle driver will drop you off at the mall and pick you up back within the time frame that the shuttle van is working for that day. To see times and dates go to the link below:


Around the Area

No longer than 5-10 mins away there is:

Friendly’s – directly across from the campus

IHop– walking distance, walk towards The Home Depot

Gas Station– directly across the street from campus, which sells pizza, snacks, and other frozen food

Dunkin Donuts

Minar Fine Indian Cuisine


Finding Yourself: Are You Doing What You Love?



Everyday, I wake up and go to class, and I ask myself, ” Do I love what I do”? This question seems weird considering the fact that I have not obtained my degree yet, but I am working in the field and learning the skills to graduate. As young as normal college students are, we are very much confused about if college is for us, or if our major is what we love. Some students come into college with no idea of what they want to do, and others enter college knowing exactly what they want to do and where they would like to be in life.

Whatever the choice or reason is, it is important that you find your calling  and graduate college with a plan. Going away to college opens up a world of excitement and discovery. Here at Utica College, our slogan is to NEVER STAND STILL, and I feel that is what makes Utica College a great place to attend. We should never be still in ANYTHING  that we do.

Utica offers a variety of things that a student can do to discover themselves or find their niche. These options include studying aboard, gym classes, art club/art class, and many electives in almost every field that you can add to your schedule. College is all about discovering who you are’ to leave college and still not know who you are is a waste of your time and money.

“No degree or piece of paper in the world can defined who you are or create wisdom; wisdom comes from your courage to not be scared to find out who you are,” -L.


Tips on finding yourself

  1. Discover who you are as a person.
  2. Write down your long-term goals and short-term goals.
  3. Find things in life that make you happy and do it. Do not allow anyone to tell you that anything that you do is not important. Be confident in whatever you choose; stand your ground.
  4. Post your goals on your wall, or set it as your screensaver. Daily motivation is needed to be inspired.
  5. Find two or three quotes that are inspiring: One person that you admire, four strengths that makes you unstoppable. Also post those on your wall or as your screen saver, a daily reminder of these things can really make a difference in you giving up or on yourself.

I hope that you find these tips helpful.

Love always, L .