How I Relieve Stress

College is stressful, duh. I honestly believe these years will be some of the most stressful in  my life. I am at a age where I’m kind of an adult, but not really. I am obviously not a kid but still need my parents for certain things but I am not really an adult but I do have adult bills but I am not making adult money. Let’s not forget about classes and extra-curricular activities. You don’t even need to be a math major to add it all up, it equals STRESS.

Stress is natural, it going to happen regardless. I hate stress, my tolerance for it is incredibly low. I try to avoid it at all costs.

Me dodging stress.  *kidding* it's Keanu Reeves in The Matrix The Matrix, 1999. [film, DVD]. Directed by Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski. USA: Warner Bros.
Me dodging stress. *kidding* it’s Keanu Reeves in The Matrix; The Matrix, 1999. [film, DVD]. Directed by Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski. USA: Warner Bros.
Not all stress is bad, when necessary it can get you out of a dangerous situation. According to the National Institute for Mental Health website, when you face a dangerous situation, your pulse quickens, you breathe faster, your muscles tense, your brain uses more oxygen and increases activity—all functions aimed at survival. In the short term, stress can even boost the immune system. Although it might feel like it is, college is not life threatening.

Routine stress is related to the pressures of work, family and other daily responsibilities (i.e, college). Over time, continued strain on your body from routine stress may lead to serious health problems, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, anxiety disorder, and other illnesses (

This time of the year can be very stressful, graduation, finals, finding summer jobs. Here are three tips to help cope with stress:

1. Yoga – Yoga brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve peacefulness of body and mind, helping you relax and manage stress and anxiety.

Jeff Percacciante ’12 Photo by Ramon Aiello

Yoga is offered as a one-credit course here but if you’re interested in taking additional classes, Jeff Percacciante, UC alumn and Area Coordinator teaches Monday and Thursday evenings at Body by Design in New Hartford.

2. Talk to someone!


The Counseling Center is available Monday- Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm, a counselor is available on-call after hours. For more information on the counseling center visit their website. If you think the counseling center is not for you there are other options. The great thing about UC is the number of faculty and staff members who have an open door!

3. Exercise

image image image

Studies have shown that regular aerobic exercise has been shown to decrease overall levels of tension, elevate and stabilize mood, improve sleep, and improve self-esteem. My personal preferred form of exercise is swimming. For pool hours visit the Harold T. Clark Athletic Center.


So Glad I Joined the Herd

As the number of days left in my undergrad career slowly declines, I like reflect on it.  One of my favorite things about Utica College is it’s size. A.) I don’t have to walk 3 miles to class or take a shuttle and B.) it’s easy to get to know other students, we really are a tight knit community.

I really do believe UC was the school for me, I couldn’t have succeed the way I have at a large school. I have been involved in so many different organizations which have led me to traveling the country (RHA, Student Senate, Alpha Phi Omega to name a few), been provided with so many opportunities including meeting Senator Kirsten Gillibrand  as well as Utica Mayor, Robert Pallmeri and made some true friends.

I’ve spoken in previous blogs about that friends I have made and how they feel like family to me and I cannot stress it enough.My life has been turned upside down over the last four years but this school and my friends have kept me grounded.

The sun was like shinning down on my life, after having dinner with a few friends we took a brief walk around campus and enjoyed the beautiful day.

The *Almost* Final Step: Grad Fair

Graduation is down right terrifying. After a long four year journey, you will be starting a new chapter in your life. I do not like change, in fact most people do not like change.

To help students prepare for graduation and life after college, the many offices at Utica College came together to host a “one stop shop”. The fair featured, the Class Gift Committee, the Bookstore, the and the Registrar just to name a few. There was a very stress-free chill environment, WPNR DJ’d the fair.

Set up for the fair on March 10

My first stop at the fair was the Class Gift table. As a very active member of the UC community I want to make sure my class leaves behind our mark. We all see gifts given by previous classes, the Bronze Moose outside of the Athletic Center (2005), the doors to the Strebel Auditorium (2013) and the clock in Strebel Lounge to name a few (2014) and I know I want to come back and feel the same pride. Students who donated at least $1 received a “Class of 2015” t-shirt, the same one we received during our First-Year Orientation, which was great because after a few years its not the most form fitting shirt in my closet. For anyone interested in donating to the 2015 Class Gift, you can visit the website here.

A photo from Convocation in 2011!
A photo from Convocation in 2011!

I stopped by the Student Activites Table to get more information on Senior Week and what is planned. Besides graduation, I look most forward to Senior Ball with my friends.

Elaine Paravati ’15 and Justin Hubman ’15 speaking with Steve Olivera ’15 about Senior Week!

Elaine and I stopped by Alumni Relations where we picked up a copy of the Pioneer, a magazine of Utica College, which I try to catch up on quickly. We learned all about the events to once we are UC Alum. I even joked about the new dome that is being built and how one day it will be nicknamed “The Hut” in honor of it’s namesakes.


After two bags of popcorn, a few half moons and a minor anxiety attack… I applied for my degree. In that very moment I almost cried. After all this time in college it has finally set it that I will be closing one chapter of my life and moving on to another.


I can honestly say I feel much more prepared and ready for graduation!



Chef’s Fare!

On many campuses across the United States you can find students complaining about the food in their dinning hall. But to be completely honest, it really is what you make of it and if you are eating the same stuff everyday for 4 years after a while it just won’t taste as good.

On Tuesday, February 10 Sodexo at Utica College did exactly what was needed to spice things up! A competition took place between three schools, Utica College (Team India), SUNY Polytechnic Institute (Team Switzerland) and Mohawk Valley Community College(Team Mexico).


The competition may have been among schools but UC students had the opportunity to win a prize of their own. Each student entered into the drawing to win a Keuring, while I was not the winner I was still excited for who ever one.

The fare opened my eyes to dishes from all over the world that I probably wouldn’t have the chance to try.

10407027_774377205949231_2210484632396450987_n  10923455_774377209282564_211459101836326336_n   10985245_774379785948973_6305162870413292563_n 10985575_774380452615573_8739025720812926015_n 10989209_774376875949264_5650465348063631005_n 10991113_774376902615928_6134217707092265560_n IMG_1147,

While all of the teams were sooooo good! I had to say my favorite was Team Mexico!


SYBL: Lunch with favorite professor

14. Have lunch with your favorite professor

Another thing off the list! One of my favorite things about Utica College is the size. The school with only about 2,800 undergraduate students and a typical class size of 20,  is classified as a small school. I never look at it as a disadvantage however because it provides me with numerous opportunities for personal and academic growth. Since our professors actually know our names, we are able to take advantage of getting to know them and building great academic relationships with them.

Last Fall, I was able to do something that I know hope many students at Utica College take advantage of, have lunch with one of my favorite professors, Leonore Fleming of the Philosophy Department (and her best friend Paige).


I met Dr.Fleming during the Fall 2013 semester when I enrolled in her Philosophy 101: Critical Thinking class. Let’s be clear on something, I hate philosophy. Well, at least I thought I did prior to that class but from the moment I walked in I had a feeling Fleming would change my opinion. After a 3-minute back and forth of the pronunciation of my name  I had decided this class would be on of my favorites and so would Professor Fleming. She was actually the best, from her stylish outfits to how she appreciated creativity submitted within assignments.


During lunch, fellow blogger, Laura and I got to learn all about Dr.Fleming’s childhood and growing up as well as what led her to Utica College. We talked about some of her childhood memories, like Peace Frog, Tamagotchi and the embarrassment of having a boy call your house phone only to have your father pick up.

We even taught Dr.Fleming a few things about our generation, like how to be basic.

Fleming4 FLeming

To learn more about Dr. Fleming and how to enroll in her next course, visit the the website. Want to learn more about my Senior Year Bucket List? Check it out how far I’ve made it on my list!



Class is cancelled, now what? Five things to do during a Snow Day!

The front of Boehlert Hall taken from the second floor on February 2, 2015

When I decided to apply to school in Central New York there was one thing everyone warned me about: snow. Everyone knows it snows and many people are prepared for the snow. So it’s no surprise that class is not often cancelled due to weather. However, when it does happen I find myself with an unusually large amount free time on my hands and I seem to never to know what to do. This time I figured it out….

 1. Catch up or get ahead for your next class

This is the perfect time to either: a. get started on your essay that isn’t due for another 2 weeks or b. catch up on the reading from yesterday’s class that you forgot to do. Seize this opportunity.

2. Work on your resume

As a college student, my goal in life is to be in the career of my dreams post-graduation. How can I achieve that with a resume that is sub-par? A snow day is the perfect time to crawl up with your laptop and revamp your resume just in time for Career Services’ next upcoming event. The next one being the Job & Internship Fair on March 4th.

3. Clean your room/apartment

According to the ancient art and science of Feng Shui, a clean home gives you a sense of calm and puts you back into control of your life. It restores order and balance so you are able to locate things easier and you no longer feel overwhelmed. The semester can get pretty hectic (even this early in) don’t let the clutter in your room make it any worse.

4. Binge watch your favorite TV show!

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime…a college student’s best friend right? Almost all of us are guilty of it, spending countless hours waiting to see who “A” is or if Olivia and Fitz will ever be together, or asking why Freaks and Greeks was never picked up for a second season. Each time saying to ourselves, “Just one more episode…”. This. IS. Your. Day.

5. Relax

Stress and lack of sleep can have serious effects on your body and make it difficult to pay attention, concentration or solve problems. So, whether it be curling up with a good book and a hot cup of tea, swimming some laps in the pool or catching the Z’s, take this time to relax and enjoy your day off.



Get to Know Me

As I read through my previous blogs, I noticed I never formally introduced myself, which is actually really ironic seeing as the only person I want to talk about majority of the time is myself.

I recently turned 21, so I will answer 21 random questions about myself that are a combination of ones I found online and made up on my own.

  1. What is your year/major?
    • I am a senior studying communication arts.
  2. When’s your birthday?
    • September 9! I’m a Virgo.
  3. Where are you from?
    • I was born in St.Thomas, US Virgin Islands. and I lived in the Bronx,NY since I was 4, but just last month, my family moved to Syracuse, NY.
  4. Why Utica College ?
    • My sister was a student here, and I follow her everywhere, so naturally, I went to the same college as her.
  5. What is your favorite cereal?
    • I’m pretty sure I am an 85 year-old woman on the inside. My favorite cereal is Wheaties; second place is Corn Flakes. I hate fruity/sugary cereals!
  6. Do you have any pets?
    • I am afraid of pretty much everything not human. So, no.
  7. How involved are you on campus?
    • I’m pretty involved. This year in particular, I’m not due to time constraints, but I am a member of Alpha Phi Omega Petitioning Group. In the past, I’ve been active on UCPB, Student Senate, RHA and many more…
  8. What is your favorite season?
    • Autumn. Sweaters are my favorite article of clothing. It gives me the opportunity to wear cute outfits without freezing or having to hide them behind a big winter coat.
  9. What is your favorite thing about Utica College?
    • The people. Both faculty/staff and the students. They all contribute to this unique experience that I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else.
  10. What city you would like to visit?
    • Hong Kong. It seems kind of cliche, but I’ve always been intrigued by China, and I am very determined to visit.
  11. Favorite song?
    • Currently “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift, but overall it would be “Imagine” by John Lennon.
  12. Any siblings?
    • Yes, 8. There’s a big age gap between the first and the last!
  13. What is your favorite animal?
    • Elephants. I actually have a tattoo of one. They are very protective of their heard and are a universal symbol of strength, good luck, power, loyalty and divinity. Plus, the little babies are sooo cute!
  14. Favorite restaurant?
    • Applebees. Anyone who knows me knows for a fact I love Applebees.
  15. Pet peeves?
    • Notifications on my phone and unread emails. It bugs me when I see someone’s inbox and there are 5358 unread emails. *cringe*
  16. Favorite quote?
    • “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all,” The Emperor of China, Mulan
  17. Most played song?
    • I just checked iTunes;  It’s “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit. I played it a whopping 146 times.
  18. Any talents?
    • No. I am as talented as a brick. I am really good at parallel parking though, so maybe that counts.
  19. Favorite video game?
    • The Sims. I’ve been a avid player since I was young. I need to add the Sims 4 to my collection!
  20. If you could be friends with any celebrity, who would it be?
    • Mindy Kaling. She is my spirit animal.
  21. What do you want to be when you grow up?
    • Happy. I’m still figuring out what specific career path I want, but I know for a fact I want to be happy.

Want to learn more about me and my experiences at Utica College ? Check out my Senior Year Bucket List!






SYBL: Internship

2. Land an Internship 

With my senior year off to a great start, it is also a reminder that it will soon be coming to an end. In a couple of months, I’m going to have to face the facts and be out in the real world. I can guarantee you, I am not ready for that.

For starters, I have changed my major a total of five times, and even now I am second guessing it. To help myself better understand what I want to do for the rest of my life, I decided to apply to for an internship. Since my major doesn’t require it, I figured it would still be a great learning experience and I should go for it, but if don’t land one, it would be okay.

My passion for news reporting drove me to apply for something in that field. I successfully landed an internship as a Reporting Intern at Time Warner Cable News Syracuse.


Here on campus, Career Services has many available resources to land an internship. Below are a few tips of my own you can use:

1. Early bird gets the worm!

Don’t wait until to last minute to start looking. It’s okay to start looking a semester or two in advance. It’s better if you know what you need to improve or have ready when the time comes to apply. Pay close attention to deadlines! Just because your application is not due until 11:59 p.m. doesn’t mean you should wait until 11:53 p.m. to submit it. Technology isn’t always our best friend.

2. Double Triple Quadruple check your resume

When you submit your application, you’re not going to be able to sell yourself the way you want to pre-interview. Having a spelling-and/or grammar-error-filled resume can kill your chances. Use Career Services! They offer a resume clinic and are available by appointment to work on strengthening your resume. Don’t sell yourself short either; in today’s market experience. comes in different forms. President of your sorority? That’s a leadership role! — include it.

3. Go into your interview prepared.

Research the company you are interviewing with. There is nothing more embarrassing than being in an interview and not knowing who you’re interviewing with. Dress presentable and professional. Don’t wear a ball gown, but maybe khakis aren’t the way to go either. A good beard trim won’t hurt. You want to be taken seriously, and your appearance is the first step. Career Services also offers mock interviews. Schedule one a week or two before your interview, and while you’re there, order some of the free business cards they have available for students!

4. Be confident and never feel discouraged

We all can’t get everything we apply for or want in the world. Maybe you didn’t get that internship the first time. Stay confident in yourself, and it won’t be long until you land your first one!

If you are a student seeking an internship, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Take a risk because the worst thing they can say is no! Believe in yourself and anything is possible. Stop by the Office of Career Services to learn more about what they have to offer.

Want to learn more about my Senior Year Bucket List? Check it out how far I’ve made it on my list!


Friends for Life

Every year at Convocation when President Hutton says, “You’re sitting next to your friends for life,” I know exactly who he is talking about. Generally, I am not sitting next to them because we are all working, but my heart warms because at one point or another I did sit next to them for that speech. I’ve gotten to know many people in my 3 years here but there are a small handful of people that I know no matter what I will be friends with for the rest of my life.

Justine GordonIMG_3035

Some of us live together…



We’ve gone to homecoming together…..




We’ve go bowling together….



We even actively participate in the same orgs…





We even work orientation together…







Cameron, Justine, Elaine, Laura and MaryEllen are all amazing individuals that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the last three years. Justine has been my roommate since our second semester here and the rest I met through on-campus organizations we share like Alpha Phi Omega and our past as orientation mentors.

Originally I was going to tell in detail how I met each of them, but I realized this blog post would be entirely too long if I did. I realize that while I may have known some longer than others, time holds no weight in the power of our friendship. Each of them hold a very close place in my heart and they have made my college experience so memorable. From being there when I got my first tattoo, to my first sleepover, to the never ending telling of “Dad jokes” to cheer me up on a bad day, to our endless supply of surprise birthday parties for each other, they all mean the world to me. We are all so different and the one thing that brings us together is Utica College. If none of us had made the decision to come here, our paths wouldn’t have crossed. I can’t wait to be a part of their weddings or be the “Cool Aunt” to their kids. I am able to call almost all of them my brother because of the organization we are in together but they’re also my sisters (obviously not Cameron).

As I previous stated, I’m not saying these will be the only people I keep in contact with from college but I know that no matter where life takes us, the bonds we’ve made can never be broken. Go out and get involved, meet your own Cameron or Elaine. Make these connections of your own.



SYBL: Toga Party

6. Attend a Toga Party

Over this past weekend I attended a Toga Party hosted by the brothers of Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity. It will definitely be one to remember for the rest of my life not only because of the great time I had with my friends and new people I met but simply because I will never get over the fact that I attended a party in a bed sheet. Yes, a bed sheet. 

The toga party is an annual event and every year I tell myself I’m going to go but I just never get around to it or I am away from campus that weekend. Growing up, I watched a lot of TV shows about college like Greek and Veronica Mars (Season 3 is college) in which toga parties seemed to be a reoccurring theme; so I created this bizarre requirement in my head that college is not complete until you have attended a toga party. I made sure I put it on my bucket list and truthfully speaking, I think college will be the only time I will be able to wear a bed sheet in public and it will be socially acceptable. It would be very distracting if when I become a news reporter I randomly decided to wear a toga to work. 50% entertaining 50% distracting; I’d be 100% fired.

Leading up to the day of the party my friends and I all contemplating what would we wear, we had few options:

  • Buy a dress that looks semi-Grecian/Roman
  • Make one out of a t-shirt
  • Wear regular clothes
  • Lounge wear because we could just stay in and watch the entire series of Greek
    on Netflix and dream of being lavaliered

However we decided a sheet would be the cheapest and most effective, I mean how hard could it be….

IMG_2986 IMG_2985 IMG_2982

Okay, cheap? Yes. Difficult ? I think the pictures speak for themselves

My original plan was to make this blog post be a spin off into How to Make a Toga until I realized I’m still very unsure how to make a toga. However, either we worked our goddess magic or Venus felt bad for how terrible we looked and she worked her goddess magic but some how after a hour and a half of tying knots, tossing, and even a little snipping (I now need a new purple flat sheet) we managed to make it work because the end results were fantastic!


IMG_3008 IMG_3015 photo (2)

I think Venus would be proud of our craftsmanship. After doing my research and learning that the women who usually wore togas were prostitutes I think that will be my last one but I encourage all UC students to get out there and try something new or attend an event they could never see themselves at. It might just end up being one of your best times in college.

Want to know more about my Senior Year Bucket List? Check out how far I’ve made it down the list!