Utica College Career Services

Last week I wrote about the importance of gaining work experience while attending college. I included a bunch of info on how you could get the work experience, but I thought I’d write a bit about the services that Utica College provides in order to get that experience.

Career services essentially provides five things to the students of Utica College, which is listed on their website: Counseling, assessments, programming, outreach and recruitment activities.

Whether you need help making a decision that could affect your potential employment or are simply looking for some extra work that could give you the experience you need, the career services is there to provide the help you need.

The career services center is helpful in other areas as well. If you’re struggling to make a resume, looking to network with potential future employers or just need more information about certain career paths, the career services center likely has the help you’re looking for.

Best of all, like most resources at Utica College, the career services center is free. I think it’s important to get ahead and the career services center has all the resources you need to do so. Check out their website for more information.


Importance of Work Experience

Most college students choose to get a higher education after the completion of high school, because, well, most jobs require a college degree.

According to Tony Carnevale, via American Radio Works, the nation will need “at least 22 million more people to have college degrees in order to meet the growing demand for educated workers” by 2018. ┬áSimply put, that’s a lot of workers and a lot of college degrees.

So, how will you separate yourself from the hundreds and possibly even thousands of college graduates who are competing for the same job as you? Answer: Work experience.

Although working and going to school at the same time can be extremely difficult, most schools such as Utica College offer work study programs and internship opportunities which not only serve as a great resume builder, but could give you a boost when it’s time to look for a job post-school.

Utica College offers plenty of work study jobs for students to gain real work experience (more info can be found here), but they also have information about how to get an internship, which is required for graduation (more information about internships could be found here).

Work study jobs are paid positions, often with flexible schedules, that give students a variety of options as to where they could work. Internships are often unpaid, but if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find an internship where you’ll get paid to work in a field that will give you real work experience for the future.



Keeping Up With The Daysheet

Like most, if not all of you, I frequently check my email for updates from professors, classes and Utica College in general.

If you do check your email on a regular basis, you’ve almost certainly seen the emails titled UC Daysheet, which are sent out on a daily basis. Well, what is the Daysheet?

The Daysheet is used to inform students and faculty about the various things that happen on campus every single day. If you’re looking to join a club or want to know the date for an upcoming sporting event, the Daysheet has it all available for you.

As I previously stated, the Daysheet is sent out via email every single day, but you can also check it out on the Utica College Daysheet website.

The Daysheet has sports, entertainment, events, jobs, announcements and even the weather all conveniently put under tabs in one place. Instead of searching around the web or aimlessly looking around for information, there’s a pretty good chance that the Daysheet will have what you’re looking for.

Oh, and if that’s not enough, the Daysheet has contests where the winners could potentially win some awesome prizes.

Simply put, I suggest that you check out the Daysheet when you’re in need for some information about the school or anything that’s happening on campus.


Learning How To Study

via lawschooltoolbox.com

As I make my transition from high school to college, I’ve realized that managing time and actually taking the time to study and look over notes makes a difference.

Like most of you, I rarely studied in high school, but still managed to get good grades just from attending class and learning that way. Now that the classes in college have become a lot more detailed, I’ve had to adjust from rarely studying to taking time out of my day to sit down and review my notes.

According to the National Survey of Student Engagement (2011), the average college student studies for approximately 15 hours per week. That’s just over 2 hours of study time per day, including weekends.

I never really thought looking over the notes I took in class or re-reading my textbook would make a difference, but as I’ve begun to do that, I’ve found that actually understanding the course itself has become a lot easier.

It can become difficult to learn how to study, since everyone does it their own unique way, but I’ve found that by simply reviewing notes could help drastically. When it comes time to take a quiz or exam, having the notes readily available will make the time you’re using to study become a lot more substantive. After all, I don’t think anyone enjoys cramming last minute information in hopes of actually learning something.


Events, Events and more Events

Everybody attending Utica College should have received a brochure with a list of events happening at the school listed through October 17-19.

Football season is almost underway, but for those seeking more entertainment in the form of actual entertainment acts, you’re in luck. Here’s a few events that are happening at Utica College that might catch your eye:

October 18th, 7-8pm: Leon Etienne

– Leon is an illusionist from Utica who has performed in front of thousands of people. He was described as a “must see” act by the Observer Dispatch and was considered a top act on one of the top TV shows in the nation–America’s Got Talent. This event is free and will likely draw a packed crowd, so it’s important to come early and enjoy the show

via leonetienne.com

– October 18th, 8:30-9:45pm: John Cassidy, “Balloon Freak Show”

Much like Leon’s act, John Cassidy provides a high-energy, multifaceted show that should also draw a large audience. Cassidy is a Guinness World Record holder, who’s also known for his ability to sculpt balloons.

Again, for those who aren’t necessarily fans of sports, these two acts could provide lots of entertainment, but best of all, it’s free of charge.