Are You Stuck?

I was working on a lab report all day before I finally finished it around 4 in the afternoon. I just closed out the window on my laptop when I got a call on my cell phone.

Matty: Hello?

Caller: Yeah, um, this is Matty right? The guy with the Jeep?

Matty: Uh, yeah… who’s this?

Caller: Its Kyle, from North Hall.

Matty: Yeah, what’s up dude?

Kyle: Are you busy right now? I kinda need your help.

Matty: Okay… what’s up?

Kyle: Well, we are kinda stuck right now, and we can’t get out. We were hoping you could come pull us out.

Matty: Stuck?

Kyle: Yeah! Stuck in the mud, like OD. There are two of us Jeeps out here.

Matty: Haha! Where are you?

Kyle: Albert Woodford Forest. Near Waterville

I pulled up Google Maps on my laptop and typed in the name. The forest was just a few miles south from Utica. I decided it wasn’t too far away.

Matty: Okay, but it’s going to take me about half an hour to get to you. Is that alright?

Kyle: Dude, you are a life saver! We have been stuck for like an hour and we have tried everything.

They called me at the perfect time. I had just finished all my work for the day and was about to walk over to the Dining Commons to see what they were going to have for dinner. But playing in the mud a little sounded way more fun, especially after staring at a computer screen for so many hours.

I decided to give my friend Courtney a call to see if she wanted to come along for the ride. Lucky for me, she was also done with her work for the day and was looking for something to do. I left North Hall in the Jeep, swung by Bell Hall to pick her up, and we were on our way to Waterville. On the way, she snapped a few photos. It was a beautiful drive! photo

After driving up a muddy trail, this is what we came up on!photo (6)photo (5)photo (3)photo (4)


This is Kyle prepping one of the tow straps to hook on to his (1)

It was a little tough, but we managed to pull both of those guys out of the mud. They were in there pretty deep, too. They had driven into a small creek bed that was flowing with melted snow, and had accumulated into a huge mud puddle. Although it was cold, and my Jeep and I both got a little muddy, it was worth the mini-adventure. But the best part is, now the guys owe me Chinese take-out!photo (2)