Are You Bored? (Part 1)

Have you and your group of friends every just sat there and say to each other “wow, UC is sooooo boring, why is there nothing to do?” Well, have no fear! I am here to save your days of bore and make your days more lively.

The problem is, UC is not boring, you all just refuse to go to the many events offered by the many organizations on this campus. For example, at least every other Thursday there is a UCPB (Utica College Programming Board) event held in the Strobes Student Center (usually the Pioneer Café). UCPB provides an array of fun events with comedians, singers, and even some trivia nights.

Well, if having a great on-campus experience isn’t for you, then I can still help you. We LIVE in UTICA! We are less than an hour away from one of the largest malls in American, and being in the middle of Syracuse and Albany leaves us in the best location to take day trips to some awesome places.

What? You don’t have a car. Oh, I apologize. There are still awesome things going on in the Utica area.



Did you know Utica holds the Indie Garage Sale?! Oh, you don’t know what that is? Well, let me tell you. The Indie Garage Sale is the congregation of several local artists who sell their work to the populace. The items range from handmade bags, silverware bracelets, paintings, painted decal t-shirts, and more. To be warned, the stuff gets pretty pricy, but its fun to come check out what people can make!



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The garage sale occurs several times throughout the year. Visit their page to learn more:

I will be writing more about what Utica has to offer, so keep a look out!!