Are Good Grades Important?


For the most part, everyone who is getting a higher education after high school does so in order to qualify for a job or career in the future.

With that said, it takes a lot of hard work and time to eventually graduate prior to becoming a candidate for a potential career. School requires a lot of commitment, most of which is put in studying and preparing for courses.

We’ve been taught the importance of getting good grades from a very early age, and much hasn’t changed in college. But, if every graduating student is getting a degree, then is getting good grades really that important?

Well, the the answer is pretty obvious: Getting good grades is very important.

Even though everyone who graduates does get a degree, there’s a distinction that could be earned. It’s possible to graduate with Latin honors, which include the following: cum laude (with honor), magna cum laude (with great honor), and summa cum laude (with highest honor).

There are going to be graduates competing for the same job post-college, and the difference in grades could differentiate the candidates, as Forbes described:

But if your grades are good, go ahead and list your average on your transcript. Dean Iacovetti, director of recruiting at Apprenda, a software company outside Albany, NY, says he doesn’t expect to see GPAs on résumés, but if he does, and it’s a strong one, he takes notice.

As it turns out, grades are still very important and could help you get the job of your dreams after graduating. So, keep studying and do well!


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