Animal House

1. Visit the Utica Zoo.

At the beginning of this semester I made a semester long bucket list.  A few weekends ago my parents and one of my brothers came to visit me and I finally accomplished my goal of visiting the Utica zoo!

I honestly didn’t know much about the zoo here before I went.  I thought it was just a small local zoo, but I was pleasantly surprised.  There are a wide variety of animals at the zoo including different types of primates, birds, reptiles, lions, zebras, and more.  There was even an area with farm animals like goats and pigs that you could feed.  One of my favorite animals there were the peacocks.  I had never seen an albino one before and it was really cool.

IMG_1029    IMG_1045

I’m really glad I got to visit the zoo and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something to do in the Utica area.  It is well worth the visit and students get a discount!