All You Need Are Friends!

Yes, we are all here for an education, but honestly, all you need are friends. You need the educational background to further your own life, but really, you just need friends who will set you straight when you stray from your norm.

When entering a new place or new beginning for the first time, I have to find some sort of friendship to guide me through it. When I first stepped onto the Utica College campus, I began befriending people who were in the same major as me. We went to meetings together, dinner together, and even ended up in the majority of the same classes our very first semester. I got lucky. It doesn’t always end up that way, but it was definitely nice that it did. Sometimes making major changes are necessary, but it’s nice when you have friends to help you through it.Blog Post 4 - All You Need Are Friends! Pic 2 Blog Post 4 - All You Need Are Friends! Pic 1

Personally, I’ve made some major changes this semester alone, including moving off campus and completely changing my schedule. Those two things caused me more stress than I ever thought possible, but I’m finally happy with where I am at. Luckily, I did it with the help of great friends! I moved in with two of my good friends. Though it was a major change, it was a pretty smooth transition with their help.

Thus far, we’ve celebrated birthdays, made dinner together, sat down and did our homework together, and we even watch tv together. So, when you’re going through changes, just do as I did and find happiness in friendship because it will make things much, much less stressful.