About Me

Hi everyone! As my first post, I thought I would introduce myself and talk about why I chose Utica College and some of my experiences so far:

I have lived in Central New York my whole life, but love to travel all over! My most recent vacation was to California this past spring with my parents and brother. We went to Disneyland, Universal Studios and Hollywood. My favorite part was the “Back Stage Tour” where I saw the sets and props from The Mindy Project, The Voice and Back to the Future. (I am a big TV fan, I watch pretty much anything and everything!)

Since I was in kindergarten I wanted to be a teacher, and even after graduating high school I still believed that. I had only applied to one school, the College of St. Rose in Albany, NY, and the night before my first deposit was due, I completely changed my mind. I decided that St. Rose was not for me…at all, and my mom suggested that I visit Utica College. So it was May, only a few weeks from graduation, and I quickly applied to UC with the help from my school’s guidance counselor. The admissions staff at UC was SO helpful and I was admitted and registered for classes for the coming fall semester.

After sitting in my first education class, I realized that I could not do this for the next four years, let alone my whole life! Through a variety of classes and the help from advisers, I found that I love the field of public relations.

Two years later, I know I made the right decision. UC has given me something that no other college could have; the opportunity to find out what I really wanted to do! I am sure that if I had attended any other school, I would not have had the support from advisers and professors that I did here. I know that i also would not have had such great experiences, and would have never met the life-long friends that I did.