A.I.M Extravaganza

For those of you that missed it, this past Saturday Africa In Motion (AIM) held their annual extravaganza showcase . The show was given the theme of AIM vs. The State Of New York. Doors opened at 5pm and began at 6pm and was hosted by two fellow students. The show had many different performances from organizations on campus and from other college campuses.

The show began with the girls introducing their story line of girls from a group home who were being arrested for dancing outside and disturbing the neighborhood. All through their dances and dialogue, which was actually really cool and entertaining.  Following their opening several acts followed. A group of rappers from Syracuse even came out to perform. The acts involved singing, rapping, and dancing.  My favorite one being from our own stepping team, prestige. Who followed the showcase’s theme and acted out a group of steppers being arrested.

Right before intermission the girls came out again for another performance. This time they were being arrested and being transported. More acts performed after as well, the most popular one being “Chocolate Drop” although it’s not an official organization on campus the were definitely  a crowd favorite.

After intermission the show continued on. With another performance from AIM, this time the girls were unfortunately stuck in a remote area after a crash landing. Dancing to songs from Chris Brown and various other artists this was my personal favorite performance of theirs. Afterwards more acts came out, this time the majority of them were solo performers singing catchy ballads.

The show ended with the members of AIM performing their last dance and escaping the jungle. Overall the show was amazing with very entertaining performances along with the story line and theme it was given. Last but not least after the show was over the members of AIM took time to give information to the audience about the organization they have been supporting. Don’t miss out on next year’s annual extravaganza!

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