5 Things I Love About College


1. Class Times: 

They weren’t lying when they said that college is WAY different from high school. But the structure of my day is most defiantly the thing I love most about college. In high school you are stuck in one building for eight hours and aside from lunch and gym class, it is school, school, and more school for those long eight hours. I love how college has allowed me to schedule my day the way I want it. There are some days that I have classes in the morning right in a row, and then the rest of the day is mine to do what ever I need to. Or, there are some days where my classes are spread far apart and I have large breaks to grab lunch, hang with friends, work on homework, or even sometimes, take a nap!5 things I Love... Pic #1

2. Freedom:

I never thought I would say it, but I’ll admit it: I miss my parents. That being said, it is a nice feeling to be independent from them. It is definitely a culture shock to not have to ask my parents if it is OK to go somewhere or do something. I love the freedom that I gained when I left home, but it does take some responsibility and a huge adjustment. But, after getting it down to a science, all it takes is a good head on your shoulders and some time management skills. But don’t worry, my mom still calls me 100 times a day…

5 things I Love Pic # 2 

3. Friends: 

I have always grown up and been around a strong group of friends, and when I first left for UC, I was terrified to leave them. However, I quickly learned that my fear was unnecessary. The friends I have made here at UC have become lifelong friends. I will never not be friends with the people I’ve grown up with but there is something different about the bond you build with the people you go to college with. It truly is something special.

4. Campus:

Like I mentioned before, the biggest change from high school to college is the structure of my day. I love not being confined to one building for the whole day. Especially when its night out, I love finding different places to hang out on campus and some some work, like under a tree or on a blanket in the quad.5 Things I Love... Pic#4

5. Professors:

The professors I’ve had over the past four years have truly made my college experience that much better. They are always willing do help me with a project, stay after office hours or, come in early to meet me. My professors are always reaching out to me with information about job opportunities and other networking information. When I graduate I will miss many things about Utica College but the professors and the relationships I’ve built with them is something I will definitely remember forever.