2015 Here I Come

Hey Guys!

It’s the start of a new semester here at Utica and I’m really excited.  Last semester was very stressful for me.  I had a lot of difficult classes and all of the organizations I’m in took up most of my spare time.  It was my first semester back after studying abroad in France and the transition back proved to be somewhat harder than I thought it would be.  The lifestyle is different and I had some trouble getting back into the swing of things here, but with the fall behind me I’m ready to have a great spring semester.

I’m really excited about my classes this semester, they seem really interesting.  I also managed to have my friends in most of them so that’s awesome too!  I’m back on the radio this semester with 3BL on Mondays 3pm-5pm so definitely give it a listen (shameless promotion).  There are some really great events this semester too which is exciting.  And I definitely plan on blogging more so you can hear all about the awesome things happening on campus!  It’s my last semester as a Junior and next year is going to be intense so I’m definitely planning on making the most of this semester before my Senior friends graduate.

As a way to accomplish this I’m making a bucket list for this semester.  A lot of people do this for their Senior year but since some of my closest friends are Seniors and have made their own for this year I figured now is a good time to start mine too.  So here it is my Senior (Almost) Year Bucket List…

  1. Visit the Utica Zoo. I love zoos and in all my time here I have yet to go.
  2. Take advantage of all the fun events on campus.
  3. Do something that scares me.
  4. Do well in my classes.
  5. Keep the stress level a lot lower than last semester.
  6. Make a new friend. With some of my friends graduating this year, I think it’s time to expand my friend circle.
  7. Attend a sporting event. Honestly I’m not even sure which sports happen in the spring…
  8. ATTEND CRYSTAL BALL (finally)
  9. Try food from a different country. Utica has a lot of restaurants that serve different countries’ food.
  10. Stay healthy and be happy.

2 Replies to “2015 Here I Come”

  1. Excited to check off this list with you!! I have some ideas for #9 🙂 And sports…basketball is almost over, but maybe water polo? Or baseball? Well figure something out!!

  2. I feel like such a trend setter. I cannot wait to help you cross off some of your items. I should’ve probably made my list shorter!!

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