John Johnsen
Acting Provost

(315) 792-3122

Economic Crime Management

A student who completes this program will demonstrate the following either orally and/or in writing:
  1. Using the case study method, discuss how organizational design and management are applied to fraud issues in both a national and global environment
  1. Using the case study method, discuss how technology can be used for the prevention of internal and external fraud
  1. Prepare a research project related to in fraud management to include the main tenets of research design
  1. Using the case study method, apply problem-solving and detection methods in economic crime management 
  1. Apply statutory, case law, and regulatory rules related to compliance and enforcement of anti-fraud measures in public and private sector organizations.
  1. Demonstrate critical thinking and application of economic crime management information to a major issue through the preparation and defense of a major program project/ thesis.
  1. Using the case study method, discuss how ethical issues impact organizational and individual decision making.