Lawrence H. Day, Ph.D.

  • Associate Professor of Physics
(315) 792-3099
  • 264 Gordon Science Center
  • School of Arts & Sciences
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Dr. Lawrence H. Day ( received his Ph.D. from McGill University after receiving his M.S. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his B.A.Sc. (Bachelor of Applied Science) from the University of Toronto. While his doctoral research involved the representations of symmetry pertaining to Super String theory, he also does research in physics pedagogy, specifically on how students' prior misconceptions influence their learning of physics. Dr. Day teaches general and advanced physics courses, engineering, astronomy, physics for the liberal arts and history and philosophy of science. Dr. Day enjoys performing Renaissance music on the viola da gamba, reading Modern European fiction and Indian food.


B.A.Sc. University of Toronto

M.Sc. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ph.D. McGill University

Awards and Recognition

Dr. Virgil Crisafulli Distinguished Teaching Award, 2009

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