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Our Academic Promise

An Integrated Program, Focused on Success

The foundation for Utica College's undergraduate academic program is a commitment to liberal education integrated with professional study. At UC you gain practical, career-focused knowledge and experiences while developing the intellectual skills you need to succeed, not only in your career but throughout your life as a flourishing individual and responsible citizen.

5 Key Intellectual Skills

Infused throughout every aspect of Utica College's undergraduate programs are five key intellectual skills the College considers essential to a liberal education.

  1. Communication
    The ability to communicate information and attitudes clearly and precisely.
  2. Critical Analysis and Reasoning
    The ability to seek out relevant evidence, evaluate it, and draw justified conclusions.
  3. Synthesis
    The ability to draw fruitful connections between topics and ideas and to create new understanding.
  4. Social Awareness
    An understanding of the nature and origins of the social world and an ability to operate within it.
  5. Quantitative Literacy
    The ability to interpret quantitative information and to present information in quantitative forms.

Academic Requirements


Utica College's faculty have developed ways to assess how well students have mastered the five skills. Our commitment to students is that they will have made significant and measurable progress towards mastering these skills by the time they graduate.

More about Assessment

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