Getting to Graduation

Getting to Graduation

Getting to Graduation for Graduate Students

Graduate school offers enough challenges as it is without also having to figure out what else you need to do in order to graduate. This page provides guidance to graduate students in the key areas needed to ensure successful graduation (assuming all graduation requirements are completed). The Office of Graduate Studies is here to assist you in navigating your way to graduation, so please contact us if you have questions or concerns!

Graduation Requirements

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all degree requirements have been completed; see the Graduate Catalog for complete details. To be approved for graduation, a student must:*note it is suggested that students resolve any holds as soon as possible to aid in a smooth and timely process

Degree Evaluation

Students can review their Degree Evaluation in BannerWeb to see which of the academic requirements listed above have been met (Degree Evaluations are being updated to reflect Culminating Academic Experience options). See Degree Evaluation Information for Students (PDF) for step-by-step instructions. The Degree Evaluation is only a tool; if you feel there is an error, please contact your advisor.

Style Guide Resources

Each graduate program determines which style guide or style manual (e.g., APA, MLA, AMA) must be followed when writing a thesis or capstone project. A style guide is used to ensure consistency throughout a document and provides guidance on formatting, organization, and how to cite references, but it also may go further and provide guidance on ethical writing and how to write clearly.

Official APA Style Guide site
 - provides the basics and quick answers from the source
UC Library's Citing Your Sources site - provides links to a quick guide and full guide
Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) - a wonderful secondary APA resource


UC Library's Citing Your Sources site - provides links to a quick guide and full guide
Official MLA Style Guide site
Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) - a wonderful MLA resource


UC Library's Citing Your Sources site - provides links to a quick guide and full guide
Official AMA Style Guide site

Culminating Academic Experience Options

In keeping with the requirements of the New York State Department of Education, Utica College requires that all graduate students complete research or a comparable occupational or professional experience, which the College calls Culminating Academic Experiences (CAEs). Each graduate program determines which experience option(s) are available to students in the program (e.g., thesis, capstone project, comprehensive exam, portfolio/dossier). At Utica College, individual graduate programs have program-specific research requirements. Click the CAE link above for information about the options and broad definitions for each.
* Programs which are noted on the chart as completing a thesis or capstone project must submit the Graduate Thesis/Capstone Project forms and follow the ETD submission process.

Graduation Deadlines

Graduate students must abide by the published Graduation Deadlines (link also to the left).  Also see the Forms link to the left for specific forms students need to complete in order to graduate, including the need to Apply for Degree by the posted deadline in the semester in which you anticipate completing your degree requirements.

Step by Step Guide to Completing a Thesis/Capstone Project

This Step by Step Guide walks students through the key components of the thesis/capstone project process and includes a visual flow chart of the process.

Template for Thesis/Capstone Project

This Word document template can be used by students who start writing their thesis/capstone project. The margins, pagination, and justification are preset according to the Formatting and Submission Guide, which must be followed in order for a thesis or capstone project to be accepted by the College. Just open the document, replace the variable information (often in square brackets -- [xx]), and start typing your text!

Resources and Support for Theses/Capstone Projects

Information regarding resources and support specifically for students working on their thesis or capstone project at Utica College, including style guide information (such as APA 6th Edition) and quick steps to finding UC students' theses and capstone projects in the UC Library.

Commencement Ceremony

Although students can graduate three times a year (May, August, and December), there is only one Commencement Ceremony per year, which is held in May.  Graduate students have a separate Commencement Ceremony from the undergraduates, and they must notify Utica College by RSVPing by the deadline if they plan on participating. Applying for Degree does not serve as your RSVP to Commencement. Visit the Commencement website for more information about the ceremony.  

Diploma Information

Diplomas are awarded in conjunction with the conferring of degrees three times a year (May, August, and December). Diplomas are ordered about 6-8 weeks after degrees are awarded. Once the diplomas are printed, they will be mailed to the address specified by the student on their application for degree. Diplomas will not be mailed to the student if there is a hold on the student's account. The most common types of holds are exit interview holds and account balance holds. Please note exit interview holds may be placed even if a student did not use federal loans for their graduate degree, but used federal loans for a prior degree. Instructions regarding how to access exit interview counseling online can be found here. Holds are noted in BannerWeb, in the Student and Financial Aid section, under Student Records. It is strongly suggested that students resolve holds ahead of time to aid in a smooth and timely process. Questions regarding exit interview holds, or financial holds should be directed to the Office of Student Financial Services.

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