Evaluate Your Progress

Evaluate Your Progress

Tracking Your Academic Progress

It is easy to forget about your overall academic progress when busy with classes, work, family, etc. Are you getting close to graduation? Think you are on track? Utica College's Degree Evaluation (DE) is your official source for tracking your academic progress. We suggest consulting with your academic advisor first, and then use the DE to determine which courses you have left to take. The DE is located in Banner Web, a system you should already be familiar with!

Evaluating Your Academic Progress

Step One

Watch this video tutorial. It will walk you through the navigation of the DE.

Step Two

Log-in to Banner Web

Step Three

Once in Banner Web, follow this map: 
Student and Financial Aid  >  Student Records  >  Degree Evaluation

Step Four

Consult with your academic advisor. She or he will best be able to help you with regards to course selection and progress. Don't know who your academic advisor is? This listing of academic advisors should help:

Baccalaureate Programs
Cybersecurity & Information Assurance:  Professor Joe Giordano
Fraud and Financial Crime Investigation:  Dr. Donald Rebovich 
RN-BS:  Dr. Annette Becker

Master & Doctoral Programs
Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis - Professor Joe Giordano
Cybersecurity - Intelligence & Forensics:  Professor Joe Giordano
Data Science - Dr. Michael McCarthy
Financial Crime and Compliance Management:  Dr. Kyung-Seok Choo
Health Care Administration: Dr. Jamie Cuda
MBA Programs: Professor Stephanie Nesbitt
Post-Professional transitional doctorate of Physical Therapy:  Dr. Denise McVay

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