Uee Utica Ethnic Engine

Uee Utica Ethnic Engine

The Utica Ethnic Engine (Uee)


The Uee is your one-stop-shop for all Utica area ethnic places. Need a special food item? Looking for places of worship? Is there a particular hair style that only someone from your culture can do? The Uee can help!

Think of the Uee as the ultimate search tool for all of your ethnic needs. We understand that the city of Utica can be difficult to navigate, let us help!

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Religious Venues

Ethnic Clubs/Organizations

Ethnic Cafes/Restaurants

Ethnic Markets/Shops

Are we missing your favorite place? Suggest additions to the Uee by emailing Halina Lotyczewski, halotycz@utica.edu.


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Alane Varga

Alane Varga

Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

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