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Wisconsin Refund Policy for Online Students


Refund Policy for Online Programs

Preferred method of withdrawal is the completion of the withdrawal form, although any method of withdrawal via email, phone, in person, in writing, or unofficial withdrawal will be accepted for Wisconsin online students who cease participation in online coursework. An online student is considered withdrawn from a course when the student stops attending and/or participating in the online course. We suggest the student contact his or her Student Financial Services (SFS) counselor to discuss the financial implications of the withdrawal. The student may need to receive an official withdrawal code from the SFS counselor to complete the process.

Upon notification from professor or student of intent to withdraw, the last day of academic activity will be used to determine the withdrawal date and Wisconsin’s refund schedule will apply. The Offices of Student Financial Services and Registrar will coordinate the academic withdrawals and refund activities as outlined in accordance with Wisconsin’s refund policy.

The student will receive a full refund of all money paid if the student:
  1. Cancels within the three-business-day cancellation period under EAB 6.03;
  2. Accepted was unqualified and the school did not secure a disclaimer under EAB 9.04;
  3. Enrollment was procured as the result of any misrepresentation in the written materials used by the school or in oral representations made by or on behalf of the school.

Refunds will be made within 10 business days of cancellation.

A student who withdraws or is dismissed after attending at least one class, but before completing 60% of the instruction in the current enrollment period, is entitled to a pro rata refund as follows:

 At Least:  But Less Than:  Refund of Tuition:
 1 unit/class  10%  90%
 10%  20%  80%
 20%  30%  70%
 30%  40%  60%
 40%  50%  50%
 50%  60%  40%
 60%  No  No Refund

As part of this policy, the school may retain a one-time application fee of no more than $100. The school will make every effort to refund prepaid amounts for books, supplies and other charges. A student will receive the refund within 40 days of termination date. If a student withdraws after completing 60% of the instruction, and withdrawal is due to mitigating circumstances beyond the student’s control, the school may refund a pro rata amount.


If you have any questions about this policy and how it applies to your specific situation, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services at sfs@utica.edu or (315) 792-3179. We'll be glad to help.



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