Seminar: Masada

Earth Horizon

Masada: The Mythic Story at the Heart of Israel

Ariel Gratch, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Communication Arts

About GeoTalk:

GeoTalk is a seminar series presented by the faculty at Utica College in which they discuss their recent travels within and outside of the United States. It is an opportunity for participants to explore their travel experiences, and share stories with faculty, students, and the local community. Call (315) 792-3347 for more information.

All lectures are held in Willard Conference Room, DePerno Hall. Themed refreshments are served at 3:15 p.m.; seminars begin at 3:30.

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Film: Freedom Fields

Three members of Libya’s fledgling women’s national soccer team dream of their first international match as the hopes of the Arab Spring begin to fade and their country descends into civil war.

Macfarlane Auditorium

Society for New Music

The Society for New Music, featuring Gregory Sheppard, bass, and Sar Strong, piano, will perform "A Tribute to Paul Robeson" as part of the Jackson Lunch Hour Series.

Library Concourse

Film: Scheme Birds

A candid and affecting documentary about the hardships and frustrations that plague the life of a strong willed and troubled teenager.

Macfarlane Auditorium