Stories: Rose Zaloom

Stories: Rose Zaloom

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Rose Zaloom

I applied to many places, kind of struggling with whether to major in theatre or English. When I went to see Utica College and found out more about its programs, I decided that the English major here had a broader range of literature and analysis of creative writing and non-fiction writing, and that’s something I really wanted to take advantage of. Plus it had the theatre minor, which was perfect for me because that’s why I study English.

At a lot of other schools, I know that an English major only concentrates on things written in English, nothing translated. But here we have a literature requirement that includes things that are translated, and that’s a whole other part of literature that of which you need to be aware. Utica College allows you to do that in the English program. And all my professors know my name. They’re all helpful and nice, and ridiculously knowledgeable, which is really inspiring to have in the classroom.

I’ve discovered how much I can handle and how much I want to handle. Because you’re faced with all these opportunities, to be in these clubs and take these classes – because I’m also in the Honors Program here – and get involved with independent research. Sometimes the first instinct is to say, ‘No I don’t have time, or no, I wouldn’t be any good at that.’ But once you jump into these things head first, and you start to balance and lose the idea that you will ever have free time again, it really just helps you grow as a person – just that fact that you’re able to do these things that you love.

My goal is to get into a grad degree program for acting or theatre or drama. I definitely think that Utica College is helping me achieve that, and beyond that, has helped me have a foundation where I can study theatre as a craft and not only just do theatre, but create theatre, and I think that’s something I’m definitely getting with the English/theatre program here.
   Rose Zaloom


Major: English

Minor: Theatre

2013 Joseph Vogel Award for
Outstanding Student Creative Fiction

1st Prize for Short Story: "Loading: Incoming Message", published in Ampersand

Honors Program


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