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Caitlyn Moccaldi

I grew up nearby. I originally, coming out of high school, had the intention of leaving this area. I was going to do my own thing and not see my family for long, extended periods of time.

Utica College kind of popped up while I was playing varsity hockey in high school. Coach Clausen had contacted me. I had no intentions of playing college hockey, but that kind of brought my attention to Utica. And after applying, looking more closely at the school, and realizing that being at home wasn’t such a scary concept, I chose Utica and it’s since been such a great decision. Being close to my family, staying in the community, and helping out with community service and volunteering in the community that’s been a part of raising me have been really important.

Your education at UC isn’t just, ‘Yeah, everyone’s coming here to get their degree.’ You know your professors on a first name basis, and they are really concerned with helping you succeed, and it falls on their shoulders. If you’re struggling or if you’re excelling, they’re standing by your side. Every professor I’ve had the opportunity to be in class with has been so uniquely different but all have been overly friendly and just so kind. It’s been amazing. Everybody’s working toward the same goal, and being able to work together in a friendly environment really makes learning here fun.

I’m an athlete, but there are a lot of people who don’t want to play on a sports team, but have intramural sports that they can do or club activities. The gym is open to everybody, and then I know there’s a video gaming club. There’s a group of people that would love to meet and meet for a purpose, and I think everybody can find something that they love to do here and a group of people to do it with.

   Caitlyn Moccaldi


Major: Chemistry


Women's Hockey

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