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Utica Peer Tutoring offers free peer tutoring to all Utica University undergraduates. Whether you are in need of extra help or simply wish to enrich your educational experience, Utica Peer Tutoring is here for you!

Our peer tutors are trained and excel in their courses. They are friendly, approachable, and truly enthusiastic about helping their fellow classmates succeed! Tutors are available for most subjects including writing, math, science, business, criminal justice, and cybersecurity.

About Tutoring at Utica

  • Tutoring begins during the second full week of classes on a limited schedule.
  • In Fall 2023, in-person tutoring will be available on an appointment and drop-in basis at the Learning Commons in the Library as well as other locations across campus. Finding a tutor you need is easy! Simply log into Navigate, and select that you would like Peer Tutoring. You can make an appointment or view a tutor’s drop-in availability. We have a few satellite locations as well, all of which will be drop-in, and you can use the Navigate app to select your preferences. 
  • Tutoring sessions are conducted by trained and qualified peer tutors who are selected based on academic achievement, supportive faculty recommendations, and an application and interview process.
  • Tutoring services are FREE to all matriculated Utica undergraduate students. You are already paying tuition, so why not take advantage of this support?

Why should I use tutoring?

  • To identify where exactly I need help or how I can improve as a student in general.
  • To clarify key course concepts.
  • To organize and remember information better.
  • To prepare for a test or quiz.
  • To learn and improve study strategies.
  • To catch up on some material after an excused absence from class.

Tutors can help with:

  • Writing assignments
  • Subject-specific course content
  • Practice with problems and concepts
  • Note-taking and reading
  • Learning and study strategies
  • Time management and organization
  • Test prep and test-taking skills 

What if I need help outside of regular tutoring hours?

ThinkingStorm is an online tutoring service that provides expert assistance in a variety of subjects, including writing. It is available to you 24/7 at no additional cost. Please visit utica.edu/tutoring for more information and a link to ThinkingStorm.


Kathleen Savino
Director of Tutoring
(315) 792-3369

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