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Umail: Get Ready for your first year at Utica

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Hi Pioneer,

At Utica University we strive to give students the best experience possible. This includes protecting your personal information, and making sure that it’s secure!

For that reason, all students are required to provide a password to verify their identity before speaking with any member of the Center for Student Success about offered aid, eligibility for aid, and/or account information.

There may be times when you would like another person to speak with the Center for Student Success about your financial aid or accounts. By completing the Consent Form you can permit the Center for Student Success to speak with certain people (usually parents or guardians) about your financial aid, eligibility for aid, and/or student accounts.

Use the link below to create your password and fill out your Consent Form. To login use your Utica user ID and password.

**Your password should be different than Utica email password!**


Karolina Holl
Director of Financial Aid
(315) 792-3179

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