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You’re fascinated by all living things --- how they behave and think. You’re excited by scientific research and not overwhelmed by complex data. Neuroscience may be the major for you.

Why Utica College

The major in neuroscience provides students a program of intensive study and research into the structure, function, evolution, and development of the nervous systems of a wide variety of animals. Taught by accomplished faculty in biology and behavioral science, the program's focus is on sensory systems, processing systems, and motorsystems, with the goal of helping students understand the essential functions of these systems as well as similarities and differences across taxa.

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Neuroscience at Utica

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What You'll Learn

The neuroscience curriculum centers on integration of the student's understanding of the nervous system at the cellular/molecular level (e.g., synaptic function, membrane potentials) with the organismal level (e.g., processing in cortical areas of the brain, behavior).

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A Degree That Works

The major in neuroscience provides opportunities in many areas, including pre-professional preparation (preparing for medical school, dental school, veterinary school, or other allied health training), pre-graduate preparation (preparing for further training as a neuroscientist or scientist in a related field), or direct entry into the research field, either academic or private.

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