Young Scholars Liberty Partnerships Program (YSLPP)
Young Scholars Liberty Partnerships Program

The Young Scholars Liberty Partnerships Program (YSLPP) is a multi-year collaborative project, established in 1993 with Utica College (UC) and the Utica City School District (UCSD). This program is designed by education professionals to motivate diverse and talented students with potential to stay in school, earn a New York State Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation, and attain a post-secondary education. Young Scholars students participate in a comprehensive program providing academic, social, and cultural enrichment

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Young Scholars kicked off our 26th year with a busy slate of activities. Fall 2018 saw our students take advantage of many opportunities to engage in academics, college and career visits, community service, and more. 

Current YSLPP Programming


Young Scholars' Twelve Week SAT Prep Program w/ Let's Get Ready, December 2018- May 2019


 Utica College Visit with SUNY Morrisville LPP, November 2018


Utica Rescue Mission Food Drive- November 2018

YS Masonic

 Visit to Masonic Medical Research Labs, November 2018

YS Career
Career Visit to Townsquare Media, November 2018

Visit to SUNY Polytechnic Institute Visit, November 2018 

Utica Coffee
Visit to Utica Coffee, November 2018


YSLPP Buddy Day at Utica College, October 2018


Young Scholars Visits SUNY Morrisville, October 2018

YWCA In-School Workshops, October 2018

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 Summer 2018 offered many opportunities for our students to experience, gain, and grow. Please click the above link to view our Summer 2018 Newsletter. We have also included an important announcement for April 2019! 

Please review our 2018 YSLPP Spring E-Newsletter, which covers all of our activities through mid June 2018, by clicking this link.

A special congratulations to the four YSLPP seniors who were recognized as 2018 Utica Observer Dispatch Teen All Stars! Our very own Marvin Hayes III (SUNY Potsdam '22), Yupha Lwin (SUNY Albany '22), Nwe Nee Sar (Hamilton College '22) , and Odin Steel (SUNY Polytechnic Institute '22) made the list of 25 high school seniors who were recognized from across the region. Click here to read about all the winners. 

Empire Summit 2018

From April 26-28, 2018, Utica College's Young Scholars Liberty Partnerships Program
was tapped to organize and lead the 14th Annual Empire Promise Youth Summit.

Please review our E-Newsletter that outlines the 2018 Empire Promise Youth Summit, which can be found here.

Congratulations to YSLPP Director of Program Operations Mary Hayes Gordon '82 G'13! She was honored as a Woman of the Year by the Mohawk Valley Chapter of New York State Women Inc. Click here to read the February 2018 article.


Graduates Reflect on their experience with YSLPP

Because of YSLPP's rigor and supportive services, our students are highly sought-after prospective college students. Our program prepares them for post-secondary success in the college classroom, the workforce, or the military.

Wherever Young Scholars graduates go, their journey started with a first-rate experience in Utica. Here is a selection of their experiences in Young Scholars LPP.

"Thank you. Honestly, YSLPP has made all the difference in my life. I am the only one of my siblings to have gone off to college and graduated. The help and opportunities this program provides is so important to our community and to the youth who may feel college is out of their reach."
Yanira Dawson, YS class of 2008, Utica College Class of 2014, Shenandoah University (MS) 2014 – 2016

“The Young Scholars Program has had a great impact on my high school experience. Most importantly, YSLPP has always been a great resource for anything school related. Utica College tutors were always available to help with any questions I had, they helped me excel in my classes. The full-time staff in the YS sites were always helpful with advice about college and life. The field trips that YSLPP brought us on were always a great time; such as the many college visits and the Washington DC trip. YSLPP helped prepare me for college and is still an important resource I regularly use. The program has made my transition to Utica College nearly painless and I believe it’s because the program has been preparing students such as myself for years.”- Andrea Cvijanovic, YSLPP Class of 2014, Utica College Class of 2018

“My time with Young Scholars was the most rewarding time of my life. The people I met in the program have given me unconditional and eternal love, support, knowledge, and friendship. I was able to be the first in my family to go to college because of Young Scholars. I couldn’t be more grateful for the academic and personal support throughout my time in the Utica City School District and Utica College. This program has absolutely changed my life.” Amber Parker, YSLPP Class of 2014, Utica College Class of 2018

“Young Scholars has given me opportunities that I would not have had if it wasn't for the program. Since the 7th grade, they have given me guidance to my future goals. Through the countless hours of tutoring and community service I have grown as an individual.” Cassidy Brown, YSLPP Class of 2014, Utica College Class of 2018

“My experience with young scholars to say the least has been life changing. They have provided me with numerous opportunities that has allowed me to make my dreams a reality. From helping me find jobs throughout grade school, to making sure that I am on track with my academics, and many more things, young scholars has been one of my biggest support systems since I was 12 years old. They're my family and I'll always be grateful for all that they have done for me.”  Elliott Coleman, YSLPP Class of 2013, Utica College Class of 2017

"Thank you so much for all of your encouragement and support!!! My journey in science and research started with Young Scholars!!! Thank you! And this degree in part is shared with you and Utica College! I am coming up Utica next week - I will make sure to stop by - will someone be in the office? Thank you!!!"
Ewa Szymanska Mroczek, YSLPP Class of 2004, Utica College Class of 2008, University of Alabama at Birmingham PhD., Microbiology, 2013



YSLPP 2007 graduate Stephon Hamell receives the NYS 2015 Liberty All-Star Alumni Award

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