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Dr. Linda S. Zee , Ph.D.

Professor of Spanish

Phone: (315) 223-2461
Office: 226 White Hall


White Hall 226
Department of Foreign Languages
School of Arts and Sciences
Utica College
Utica, NY 13502
Date of Employment:
August 1997
Date of Tenure:
            June 2001
Date of Last Promotion:
            Full Professor, June 2012
Ph.D. (1993) Latin American Literature, Indiana University at Bloomington. Major field of concentration: 20th Century Prose Fiction
Minor: Latin American Studies
University of Maryland, 1987-88
M.A. (1987) Spanish, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
Middlebury College Summer Spanish School, 1985
B.A. (1982) Colby College, Waterville, Maine
Major: Spanish; Minor: Psychology
Academic experience
The Boundaries of the Fantastic: The Case of Three Spanish American Women Writers. The dissertation examines the works of Rosario Ferré, Luisa Valenzuela, and Elena Garro, as well as those of Amparo Dávila, Guadalupe Dueñas, Armonía Somers, Juana María Gorriti, and in light of Spanish American theories of the Fantastic and Feminism, with a special emphasis on their relation to indigenous mythologies.
            Director: Gordon Brotherston
Academic Honors:
Agapito Rey and Donald Sisters Summer Dissertation Fellowship, Indiana University, 1993
Agapito Rey and Donald Sisters Scholarship, Indiana University, 1991
Indiana University Fellowship, 1988-89
MA Exams passes with High Pass, Purdue University, 1987
Middlebury College Summer School Scholarship, 1985
New York Regents Scholarship, 1978
Courses Taught
*denotes new course created
Spanish 101 (taught 2 sections every Fall semester 1997-2001)
Spanish 102 (taught 2 sections every Spring semester 1998-2001; 2 sections every semester 2001- present)
*Spanish 102 for Business
Beginning Spanish II taught with an emphasis on business vocabulary and practices (taught 2 sections both semesters for 2 years)
Spanish 201 (taught 1 section every Fall and sometimes in the Spring, 1997-2006)
Spanish 202 (taught 1 section every Spring 1998-2001)
*Spanish 215 (now 315) Business Spanish
Taught as both a 2 day a week class and an evening class. Students “create” a business and learn/practice the vocabulary and writing styles appropriate to said company, along with the business protocols and practices in Spanish-speaking countries (offered every 4th semester)
Spanish 247 Introduction to Spanish and Latin American Culture (old version)
Spanish 337 Spanish Composition and Grammar Review (previously 237)
*Spanish 348 Latin American Cultures and Civilizations
Traces historical and cultural developments from Pre-Columbian era to the present (offered every 4th semester)
Spanish 388 Introduction to Literature in Spanish (previously 288) (offered every 4th semester)
*Spanish 300/Literature 400 Topics: Magic Realism
Taught in English; covers 5 key novels of this major Latin American literary movement. SPA 300 students do readings and papers in Spanish (offered every 4 or 5 semesters)           
*Spanish 300 Topics: El Boom
Taught once in Spanish, taught once in English cross-listed with Lit 400. Short stories of the 1950s-70s that put Latin American writers on the literary map
*Spanish 311/Film 400: Latin American Film
Latin American film in general (taught as a film studies course with an Intro to Film textbook)
            Students in Spa 311 do discussions and written work in Spanish
*Spanish 311/Film 400: Cuban Film/Cuba in Film
            Cuban film (in conjunction with The Cuban Reader; history and culture via film) (offered 3 times to date)
*Spanish 311/Film 400: Mexican Film/Mexico in Film
Mexican film (in conjunction with The Mexico Reader; history and culture via film) offered once to date)
* Spanish 311/Film 400: Afro-Latin@ Film (in conjunction with the Afro-Latin@
            Reader; history             and culture of Latin Americans and US Latin@s of African descent) (Offered for the first time Fall 2011)
*Spanish 378x Latin American Women Writers (now Spanish 300 Topics)
traces literary women from the 16th century Lt. Nun to contemporary writers (offered three times to date)
*UCC 380 Intensive Spanish in Cuernavaca, Mexico
traveled with students to the Universidad Internacional during Winter Session. Pre-trip meetings, daily meetings with students on campus, after-school activities, weekend excursions (travelled with students once; oversaw small groups via on-line activities twice)
This trip will now be offered through the ECELA schools, in Peru, Chile or Argentina. A course in Cuzco, Peru, was offered in Winter Session 2012.
Other teaching activities
At the inception of the foreign language major I averaged 10-15 students as advisees. These are now more evenly distributed throughout the department.
            --Independent studies/tutorials:   189 credits to date
                        Ten of these are Spanish 490 Senior Research projects (6 credits each)
                        Three are for a student limited to evening classes
                        Three are for students re-doing a class that they failed
Several are for requirements that would not be offered before the planned student teaching experience
Several are for evening students not able to take day classes                                                                                                              
--Independent Study on Modernism. Empire State College 2003.
--Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish. Dickinson College. 1993-97.
Spanish 101, 104 and 116 (the language requirement sequence). 
Spanish 231/232 Conversation and Composition. 
Spanish 245 Masterpieces of Spanish-American Literature
Freshman Seminar: The Modern Olympics and Social Change (a course outside of the             area of expertise of the professor, designed to help incoming freshmen develop college-level skills in writing, discussion, analysis and research)
--Associate Instructor of Spanish. Indiana University. August 1988-May 1993
Second year Spanish courses
S275 Introduction to Hispanic Literatures and Cultures
S301 the Hispanic World I. Survey of Latin American Literature
--Teaching Assistant of Spanish. University of Maryland. August 1987-May 1988
First and Second year courses, including one Honors section
--Teaching Assistant of Spanish. Purdue University. August 1985-May 1987
First year courses, including one Honors section
--English Teacher. Instituto Practivox and private classes. Madrid, Spain. June
            1982-March 1984.
             Taught grammar and conversational English as a Foreign Language courses.
**indicates activities since being promoted to Associate Professor; a line divides UC and non UC activities.
**“Las Españas de César Vallejo y Pablo Neruda.” Crítica.cl: Revista Digital de Historia de Arte y Ensayohttp://www.critica.cl
 (refereed, competitive; went “live” 25 May, 2011)
**Biographies of Miriam Laurini and Bertha Recio Tenorio. Sourcebook of Latin American Detective Fiction. Greenwood P, 2004. (refereed)
            **“Al compás de la música se hace el amor y se muere: el sexo y la muerte en la obra de Alejo Carpentier”. Crítica Hispánica 23.1-2 (2002). (refereed, very competitive)
            **Ascent to the Past: Mexican Mythology and Traditional Societies in Luisa Valenzuela’s “Donde viven las águilas.” Hispanófila 150 (2000). (refereed, very competitive) (This material did not appear in my materials when considered for tenure and promotion, as they were submitted in August 2000 and this was submitted, accepted and published later in the year)
 “Rosario Ferré’s ‘La muñeca menor’ and Caribbean Myth.” Chasqui 23.2 (1994). (refereed, very competitive)
“Spanish American Women’s Poetry: An (Almost) Hidden Tradition.” Romance Languages Annual (1991) 3: 649-653. (conference proceedings, referred)
“El campo, Los siameses, El Señor Galíndez: A Theatrical Manual of Torture.” Romance Languages Annual (1990) 2: 604-08. (conference proceedings, refereed)
Under Consideration for Publication:
            **“Las Españas de César Vallejo y Pablo Neruda.” Submitted to Hispanófila on 4 January 2010. To date I have an acknowledgement of receipt but no other news. This is not unusual—responses can take a year or more. 
                  Having had no luck contacting them I re-submitted the paper to Crítica.cl, where it was accepted.
Conference Papers:
“Aztec Mummy Movies: Re-writing re-written history.” West Virginia University Colloquium on Humor in Literature and Film. Morgantown, WV. 13-15 September, 2012. 
**”Hollywood’s Great Experiment: The Multilingual Versions.” Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference. Boston, MA, 11-14 April, 2012.
**Hollywood’s Spanish Language Film Industry; Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference. San Antonio, TX. 20 April 2011.
**”What Does This Have to Do With My Major?’ Utica College’s Experience with Spanish for the Professions at the Elementary Level.” Modern Language Association. Chicago, IL. December, 2007 (refereed, extremely competitive—this is our national association) (not delivered due to conflict with interview schedule)
**“Ichi, Ni, Cha Cha Cha: Shall We Dance, Misters Clark and Sugiyama?” Literature & Film Association Annual Conference. Carlisle, PA. October 2005 (refereed, competitive)
            **“Puccini and Esquivel.” Pennsylvania Conference of Foreign Languages. Pittsburgh. September 2003. (refereed, very competitive)
            “”The Heart of the Melody Can Never Be Put Down on Paper,’ So Listen to the CD!” The Law of Love and Puccini.@ Northeast Modern Language Association (NEMLA). Buffalo. April 2000 (referred, very competitive)
            “Al compás de la música se hacen el amor y se mueren: el sexo y la muerte en la obra de Alejo Carpentier.” Northeast Modern Language Association (NEMLA). Pittsburgh. April, 1999 (refereed, very competitive)
            “Love and Death in Six Novels by Alejo Carpentier.” First International Conference on Caribbean Literature (I.C.C.L). Nassau, Bahamas. November, 1998 (competitive; not delivered due to financial constraints)
            “Miriam Laurini and the Contemporary Mexican Detective Novel.” American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP). Madison, NJ. October, 1998 (refereed, very competitive)
            “Autochthonous Mythology in Spanish American Women’s Literature of the Fantastic.” Northeast Modern Language Association (NEMLA). Baltimore. April 1998 (refereed, very competitive)
“La novela policíaca: Latin American Female Detectives.” Popular Culture Association. San Antonio. March 1997 (Accepted, not delivered due to family reasons)
“The Spanish-American Female Sleuth.” South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA). Savannah. November 1996.
“Spanish American Detective Fiction Writers and Their Female Protagonists.”
Northeast Modern Language Association (NEMLA). Montreal. April 1996.
“Mythology and the Fantastic: Strategies of Spanish American Women Writers.” NEMLA. Boston. April 1995
“Inherited Guilt and Geo-Temporal Stratification in Elena Garro’s ‘La culpa es de los tlaxcaltecas.’” La Chispa 1995. New Orleans, March 1995
“Rosario Ferré and Caribbean Myth.” Mid-America International Conference on Hispanic Literature. University of Kansas. September 1994.
“Ascent to the Past: The Mythic Qualities of Luisa Valenzuela’s “Donde viven las águilas.’” Cincinnati Conference on Romance Languages and Literatures. University of Cincinnati. May 1994
“Rosario Ferré’s ‘La muñeca menor’ and Taino Mythology.” University of Louisville Twentieth Century Literature Conference. February 1994.           
“Spanish American Women’s Poetry: An (Almost) HIdden Tradtion.” Purdue University Conference on Romance Languages, Literatures and Film. October 1991
“Las rusas de Pío Baroja y Ayn Rand.” University of Louisville. Twentieth Century Literature Conference. February 1991
“El campo, Los siameses, El señor Galíndez: A Theatrical Manual of Torture.”    Purdue University Conference on Romance Languages, Literatures and Film. October 1990
Sessions Chaired:
**Hollywood’s Spanish Language Film Industry; Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference. San Antonio, TX. 20 April 2011.
Panel on Hispanic Detective Fiction. North Atlantic Modern Language Association. Philadelphia. April 1997
Conference Participation            
(I am not sure how to list this, so I’ve created a separate category owing to the circumstances of my participation.)
**Conference on Teaching World Languages.   Little Rock, AR. 31 March-1 April, 2011
At the bequest of both President Hutton and Dean Johnsen, the Foreign Language Department submitted a proposal for this conference. Only 30 proposals were accepted out of a large pool of applicants. (refereed, highly competitive).
                        **Translation work for Hud-Sons listed below under Service to the Community
                        **Web site for United Vacuum, Inc. http://www.unitedvacuum.com
                        May 2010
“Quechua Theater: History, Violence and Hope,” by Rodrigo Montoya. For Indiana Journal of Hispanic Literatures 1.2 (March 1993)
Book Reviews:
                        Hola, amigos, 8th edition. Summer 2012.
                        **Saldo a favor. Spanish Business textbook. Wiley. 2010
                        **In 2008-2011 I reviewed approximately 15 elementary and intermediate
                        textbooks for both Wiley and Thompson-Heinle. I have become one of their
                        regular reviewers and am now paid for my reviews (as opposed to receiving gift
                        certificates or being entered into a drawing for an iPod).
                        **Unnamed Intermediate Spanish text. Thompson-Heinle. 2006
                        **Unnamed Elementary Spanish text. Thompson-Heinle. 2006
                        **Unnamed film text. Thompson-Heinle. 2005.
                        **Galerías.   Thompson-Heinle. 2005
                        **Con brío. John Wiley & Sons. 2004
            **Dímelo tú. Harcourt. 2003
            **Gentes. Heinle and Heinle. 2003
            **Unnamed Intermediate Spanish text. Heinle and Heinle. 2003
            Introduction to Spanish. Houghton Mifflin Co., 1999
On-line Publication:
                        **Data-base of Spanish language films based on Spanish language literatures.
Went “live” on the Utica College web page ­­­Spring 2008.                                      http://www.utica.edu/academic/ssm/language/films/index.cfm
Articles Reviewed:
**“Colonialism and Aristocracy in ‘La muñeca menor’”. For Letras femeninas. 2007 (invited)
Professional Organizations
            American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP)
            Modern Language Association (MLA)
            Northeast Modern Language Association (NEMLA)
            Popular Culture Association
Committee Service:
Elected service:
            **Professional Development Committee. Fall 2011-
            **Faculty Affairs Committee. Fall 2006-Spring 2010
                        **Chair Fall 2009-2010
            **Professional Development Committee. Fall 2002-Spring 2004
            *AAUP Governing Board, Member at Large. Fall 2000-Spring 2002
            *Academic Standards Committee. Fall 1998-Spring 2002
Community Service to the College
                        **Keynote speaker, Student Research Day. “Where do you want to go today?
                        Traveling through time and space with zombies, hippos and Johnny Depp.” 25
                        April, 2012
                        **Participated in the Storyteller event organized by Melissa Febos (22 Feb. 2012)
                        **Directed application process for student applying for NCAA graduate
                        scholarship. (Fall 2011-Jan. 2012)
                        **Asked by Dean Swann to mentor new faculty member. (Spring 2011-)
**Arranged for an 8th grade student very interested in the sciences to meet with various colleagues and tour the labs. I’m not sure how much they appreciated my efforts, but the student and his family did. (Spring 2009).
**Helped find translators and interpreters for medical and legal groups for Vietnamese, Laotian, Portuguese, Mandarin, Albanian clients, to name only a few. On-going.
                        **Helped arrange student translators for Mayan Indian Textiles and Identity
                        event. October 2008
                        **Helped organize Utica College’s Faculty & Staff Art Exhibit. Fall 2008

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