Minor in Human Rights Advocacy

Minor in Human Rights Advocacy

School of Arts and Sciences

The minor in human rights advocacy is designed to provide an in-depth examination of human rights issues in history and contemporary events. The minor will also focus on the processes and institutions available for dealing with human rights violations. It is an appropriate minor for students in any major who have a concern for human rights and wish to use the knowledge and skills developed in their major to deal with these issues and/or develop career opportunities.

Total credit hours required for the minor: 19

CourseCredit Hours
Required Courses
Government 211 (HRA 211)Introduction to Human Rights1
Government 281Political Ideas and Ideologies3
One of the following:3
History 334History of Colonial Africa 
History 335History of Modern South Africa 
History 344Modern China 
History 381Germany in the Nazi Era 
History 372Modern Russia 
Government 364*International Law3
Six credit hours from the following courses:6
Anthropology 251Native American Culture 
Government 346Civil Liberties 
Government 363*International Organizations 
Sociology 252Racial and Cultural Minorities 
Government 464 (HRA 464)International Protection of Human Rights – Capstone Seminar3

* Prerequisite may be waived for non-government and politics and international studies majors.


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