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Criminal Justice internship program enjoys a national reputation in both the academic and professional communities. Internship opportunities are semester-long and full time. The student fully participates in the operations of CJ agencies and related organizations, and CJ faculty members visit students on site during the internship, regardless of the distance from campus. Internship opportunities exist nationwide in both public and private sectors and, depending on scholastic average, international sites may be approved

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Nature and Purpose

The purpose of the Criminal Justice Internship Program is to provide students with an opportunity to work in an agency related to their academic interest and early career goal. The theme of our program, theory into practice, is intended to reinforce academic concepts through practical work experience, to familiarize students with the rigor of the work place, and to assist students in making future career choices complementary to their abilities.

We require our students to practice their emerging professional skills under the joint evaluative eye of both faculty and agency supervisor. We believe this clearly is a mutually beneficial situation for all parties to an internship agreement- a capstone learning experience; the agency gains as a result of having an extra person with special skills available full-time for up to 600 hours. Certain students are exempted from this requirement of either personal or professional reasons.

Program Objective

The goal of the internship experience is to enhance the students' competencies as practitioners in criminal justice or related fields. Objectives of internship experience include providing the student with (1) a working knowledge of the criminal justice subsystems and their interaction; (2) an understanding of the roles and obligations of a professional person in this system; (3) a better understanding of him or herself and interpersonal relations in their work-place; (4) an ability to apply theoretical knowledge to the solution of problems encountered in practice; (5) an ability to derive information from a practical setting and integrate same into larger bodies of knowledge; (6) an understanding of the host agency's operational environment, from its source of authority to its constituent base; (7) a clear picture of a professional employee's role in the service delivery mission of the agency.

Available Internships

CIA-College Student Co-Op program/ Internship
United States Secret Service-Student Career Experience Program
FBI-Internship Programs
U.S. Department of Justice- Student Opportunities
Rising Star Internships


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