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Recently the Executive Director of CIMIP served as a guest editor for Victims and Offenders.
The issue is dedicated to financial crime and technology and is titled, The Changing Face of Financial Crime: New Technologies, New Offenders, New Victims, and New Strategies for Prevention and Control.

The CIMIP website will be presenting articles from this special issue in the coming weeks.
We hope that you enjoy reading the articles and welcome any comments you have regarding the articles.

Part 2

Editor's Introduction

The CIMIP website continues the provision of select articles for the special issue of the Journal of Victims and Offenders focusing on Financial Crime and Technology.

The first article focuses on the effects of exploitation of the business community. In this article, David Buil-Gil, Nicholas Lord and Emma Barrett analyze the dynamics of online business activities, cybersecurity measures and cyber victimization. Their article spotlights how digital space and digital systems are a core operating context for most businesses and associated activities, whether entering into economic relations with customers purchasing goods and services, storing and sharing information, or undertaking commercially sensitive activities that involve confidential data. Consequently, as pointed out by the authors, cybersecurity becomes a primary concern for businesses operating within digital (and often) global economies. The authors of this piece explain how digital space offers new opportunities for varied financial crimes, including frauds, that may be enabled by, or dependent on, internet-connected systems. The most common crime types identified include business e-mail compromise and e-mail account compromise, nonpayment and non-delivery fraud, and investment scams.

The second technology-oriented article, by Claire S. Lee spotlights victimization in one of the most densely populated nations in the world with a rapidly growing financial crime problem: China. When it comes to online populations and markets, China has some of the largest in the world. As a result, Chinese cybercriminals have more opportunities to target and access victims. While recent research in Western countries has examined internet fraud victimization and offenses in virtual communities, a relatively small body of research on these phenomena have been conducted in non Western societies. Lee's research attempts to address this research shortfall by analyzing internet fraud victimization in Chinese online communities.

- Donald Rebovich

The Dynamics of Business, Cybersecurity and Cyber-Victimization:

Foregrounding the Internal Guardian in Prevention

David Buil-Gil , Nicholas Lord & Emma Barrett
Victims & Offenders, 16:3, 286-315
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Online Fraud Victimization in China:

A Case Study of Baidu Tieba

Claire Seungeun Lee
Victims & Offenders, 16:3, 343-362
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Part 1

The Changing Face of Financial Crime:

New Technologies, New Offenders, New Victims, and New Strategies for Prevention and Control

Donald Rebovich
Victims & Offenders, 16:3, 283-285

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Phishing Evolves:

Analyzing the Enduring Cybercrime

Adam Kavon Ghazi-Tehrani & Henry N. Pontell
Victims & Offenders, 16:3, 316-342

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