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Privacy Policy Statement 


CIMIP is sensitive to your privacy and security concerns regarding personal information. 

Information Obtained From Visitors to CIMIP's Web site


CIMIP's  Privacy Policy determines what information it gathers from visitors to its Website and what it does with this information. Essentially, this depends on what the visitor does when visiting the Website. If the visitor reads or downloads information from CIMIP's Website, such as a description of CIMIP's products or services or a publication or press release, CIMIP will collect and store the information requested, so that the visitor can be notified of other CIMIP publications and events.

CIMIP uses the information it collects from a visitor for network security purposes and to access the usage of its Website to determine the areas of its Website that are most frequently visited. This information is used to assist CIMIP in protecting its Website and network and in making the site more useful to its visitors.

If the visitor sends CIMIP an e-mail, thereby providing certain information such as name and Internet address, this information will be collected in order for CIMIP to respond to the e-mail. For example, if a visitor e-mails a request for information on CIMIP publications, products, or services, CIMIP will retain the visitor's e-mail information to respond to the request. Additionally, based on that request, CIMIP may forward updated or new information regarding conferences, academic programs, publications, and events to previous visitors who have sent e-mails requesting information in those specific areas.

Absent a network security purpose or a legal requirement, CIIMIP will not distribute or disseminate any information it receives from a visitor to a third party, unless specifically authorized by the visitor to do so.

Links to Other Sites


Visitors should be aware that when they are on CIMIP's Website, they could be directed to other sites that are beyond CIMIP's control. There are links to other sites from CIMIP's Website that take visitors outside its service. For example, clicking on a link or third-party logo takes the visitor off the CIMIP Website. These other sites may collect data or solicit personal information and their privacy statements should be studied.

Your Acceptance of These Terms


By using this site, you signify your assent to the CIMIP Online Privacy Policy. Should you have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy Statement, please contact Donald Rebovich, Ph.D., Executive Director, at