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May 2013 News Archive

May 30, 2013

Two arrested in Covina for identity theft shopping spree

A Long Beach man and woman were arrested on Tuesday for stealing the identity of a Los Angeles woman and racking up credit card charges under her name. Judith Guzman, 34, and George Wusstig, 42, are accused of opening various credit cards under the unidentified woman's name. They were arrested on Tuesday while shopping at Bert's Mega Mall, said Covina police Lt. Tim Doonan. Besides the account at Bert's, Guzman and Wusstig also opened accounts at Best Buy and Home Depot, Doonan said. full article

Oakland woman was arrested in major identity theft case in Benicia

BENICIA -- Police say they've arrested a career criminal from Oakland who appeared to be churning out fraudulent documents in a local hotel room. full article

Leader of Hospital Identity Theft Ring Sentenced

The ringleader of an identity theft/tax fraud ring that involved Troy Regional Medical Center in Alabama has received a 10-year prison sentence, the Troy Messenger newspaper reports. full article

Taylorsville woman indicted for bank fraud, identity theft

TAYLORSVILLE — A Taylorsville woman faces a 16-count indictment for alleged fraud and identity theft. A federal warrant was issued for Alisha Turnbow, 32, who was taken into state custody. She is accused of attempting to cash fraudulently signed checks or make withdrawals from accounts belonging to other people. full article

Montgomerian pleads guilty in identity theft case

Montgomery resident Bridgette Rivers pleaded guilty Wednesday to her involvement in a conspiracy to use stolen identities to file fraudulent tax returns, according to the Justice Department and the Internal Revenue Service. full article

May 29, 2013

Parents, patients notified of potential identity theft incident

GAINESVILLE, Fla. ? An employee working at a University of Florida medical practice who had ties to an identity theft ring may have compromised patient personal and health information. full article

Shopper's tip leads police to bust suspected out-of-state ID theft ring

An alert shopper’s tip that she had just seen what she suspected was identity fraud at a Bensalem store led police to arrest four out-of-state residents on a variety of charges. full article

Kyle Zimmerman Accused of Identity Theft in Thousand Oaks and Possibly Elsewhere

A 27-year-old Costa Mesa man is fighting identity theft charges in Thousand Oaks. Kyle Zimmerman was arrested at Ana Mesa Hotel on Harbor Boulevard in Santa Ana Friday following a Ventura County investigation into someone who tried to open several credit card accounts using a Thousand Oaks' resident's personal information. Money had also been taken out of the victim's checking account, according to police, who claim evidence related to the theft in Thousand Oaks as well as possibly other identity theft crimes was found in Zimmerman's home. full article

Silent Witness: Woman sought for identity theft, stealings $12,100 from bank account

PHOENIX - Authorities are working to locate a woman in her mid-to-late 30s who is suspected of stealing thousands of dollars from a bank account at two Arizona banks. full article

Security lapse exposes some Lifeline phone customers to ID theft risk

Last fall, when Linda Mendez was offered discount phone service through a federal program for the poor, the San Antonio mom thought it was too good to be true. She signed up anyway. full article

Arrests made in $6 billion cyber money-laundering case

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) —Liberty Reserve, a major global online cash transfer business run out of Costa Rica, has been shut down and its executives arrested to face U.S. charges of laundering $6 billion. full article

Preventing identity theft after a person dies

It’s sad and devastating to a family when someone passes away. It’s beyond frustrating when family members and friends have to deal with repairing damage done by an identity thief who has stolen their loved one’s financial information to drain assets from the deceased’s estate. full article

May 28, 2013

Data breach puts DHS employees at risk of identity theft

Tens of thousands of current and former Homeland Security Department employees are at risk of identity theft after officials discovered a vulnerability in a vendor's system used for processing background investigations. full article

Jury duty identity theft phone scam targets Colorado

Due to the extreme penalties behind missing jury duty, scammers are preying on victims’ fear of legal action by pretending to be “jury duty coordinators” questioning consumers about recent jury duty summons. This scam, which dates back to 2005, is circulating again with multiple states being hit, including Oklahoma, Illinois, Colorado, Arizona and Oregon. full article

BBB warns of medical identity theft

Imagine going in for medical treatment and finding out that your medical records, including your blood type, have been altered. That was the experience of a Florida woman who became the victim of medical identity theft. full article

Harrington woman charged with ID theft

A 38-year-old Harrington woman was arrested today and charged with identity theft, town police said. Tammy Lasher opened one bank account on the internet in the name of a relative and attempted to open a second account in the victim’s name, Lt. Earl K. Brode said. full article

Pair facing identity theft, conspiracy charges

The story that John Ryall offered about the $14,000 cash and eight credit cards in his hotel room, and the plastic bags filled with chemicals in his sports utility vehicle sounded hard to believe to police. full article

White Bear Lake man accused of identity theft, falsely claiming citizenship

A man living in White Bear Lake was indicted Wednesday in federal court on one count of falsely claiming citizenship and another count of identity theft. full article

Identity-theft scams involve more than credit cards

Not all that long ago, many of us thought we only had to watch our credit cards to avoid ID theft. If the crooks didn't get the numbers on our plastic, we thought, they couldn't live it up and go on a wild shopping spree like the one in the movie "Identity Thief." full article

Woman involved in hospital identity theft sentenced to 10 years

A woman who pled guilty in an identity theft/tax refund scam involving Troy Regional Medical Center records has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. full article