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February 2011 News Archive

February 28, 2011

NY Senator Urges Increased Public Wi-Fi Security

If Senator Charles Schumer gets his way, popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon will default to more secure protocol -- HTTPS instead of HTTP -- to prevent identity theft in Wi-Fi hotspots like coffee shops and libraries. full article

Brooklyn jury hears morbid ID theft case

NEW YORK – Irina Malezhik was ending an assignment as a Russian-language translator at a law office in 2004 when she asked an innocent but fateful question: Could anyone offer a lift to Brooklyn? full article

Identity theft ring stole from vehicles at funerals

A Fort Lauderdale man who prosecutors said ran an identity theft ring that broke into people's cars while they attended funerals was sentenced to nine years in federal prison Friday. full article

Identity theft called fastest-growing crime

It's a nightmare some victims feel they can never wake up from. full article

Identity theft: Daily News writer’s family accounts cleaned out by ID thief

NAPLES — It all started with a strange e-mail from Bank of America. full article

Ex-Miss. corrections officer seeks parole

JACKSON — A former Mississippi Department of Corrections officer who stole inmates' identities to file false tax returns wants the state to grant her parole or trusty status so she can be released early to a federal halfway house. full article

Soldier impersonators target women in web scams

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Con artists are targeting women on Facebook in what's becoming an all-too-common ruse: They steal photos of soldiers to set up profiles, profess their love and devotion in sappy messages _ and then ask their victims to cut a check. full article

Cybercrime: Why it's the new growth industry

PCWorld reported earlier this month that in a struggling economy, one industry that has shown double digit growth year after year is, like many other high growth industries, an illicit one - in this case, cybercrime. full article

5 Indicted in Omaha Check-Cashing Scheme

Five people have been indicted on federal charges in a check-cashing scheme in the Omaha area. full article

Identity Theft Case May Cost Man His Job

EL PASO, Texas -- An east El Paso man says his family members sold his identity years ago and he’s had problems ever since, but now, his job is at stake. full article

Officer indicted on fraud, ID theft charges

A Montgomery Police De­partment officer has been in­dicted on federal wire fraud and identity theft charges, according to a statement re­leased Friday from the U.S. attorney's office. full article

Pair busted with bag of credit cards

Coosada police caught a Montgomery couple with “a potato chip bag full of credit cards” during an investigation into mail and identity theft. full article

February 25, 2011

Patient Records Stolen from Emory

More than 70 patients at Emory Healthcare were victims of identity theft by unauthorized person(s) who took information including names, Social Security numbers and, for some patients, addresses, dates of birth and health information such as medical record numbers, according to law enforcement agents. full article

2,691 Treasure Coast residents lodge identity theft complaints with the FTC since 2005

ST. LUCIE COUNTY — Paul Meding has never applied for a concealed weapons permit and was shocked to receive a renewal application for one in the mail. full article

Miss. company pleads guilty in immigration raid

JACKSON, Miss. – One of Mississippi's most successful private companies pleaded guilty Thursday to conspiracy to violate immigration laws related to the nation's largest workplace raid on illegal immigrants, federal authorities said. full article

FBI gets 300,000 complaints of white-collar crime in 2010

The joint FBI/National White Collar Crime Center's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) received more than 300,000 complaints during 2010 — averaging just over 25,000 a month — involving Internet crimes, mostly including the non-delivery of payment or merchandise, scams impersonating the FBI and identity theft. full article

Alleged identity theft leads to arrest

A Tennessee woman’s complaint led to the arrest Friday of 51-year-old Gloria Banda on charges of fraudulent use of identifying information. full article

Former Odessa Car Salesman Pleads Guilty to Identity Theft Charges

ODESSA - A former Odessa car salesman admits to stealing customers identity. full article

Woman turns in sister for ID theft

A 30-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of identity theft on Wednesday after her sister turned her in to police for using her information to receive treatment for kidney stones at Banner Desert Medical Center. full article

Couple accused of ID theft in vehicle, jewelry purchases

A San Antonio couple have been charged with identity theft, bank fraud and conspiracy over allegations they bought several vehicles and jewelry using stolen Social Security numbers. full article

Nigerian in Houston gets prison for Medicare fraud

HOUSTON (AP) -- A Nigerian man living in Texas has been sentenced to almost six years in prison in a nearly $1.6 million Medicare scam. full article

Smartphones are next target for cybercriminals

MAKATI CITY, METRO MANILA – With the pervasiveness of Internet-capable smartphones, these devices become more prone to hacking aside from the fact that users are not that aware of security risks. full article

Alleged fire scammer pleads not guilty

A San Francisco woman who allegedly posed as a San Bruno explosion victim to secure money and other aid will stand trial in September for fraud. full article

'20/20' to feature story on imprisoned Pleasant Grove doctor, attorney Martin MacNeill

PLEASANT GROVE — Spurred by Deseret News articles about a Pleasant Grove man who investigators say got away with a lifetime of crime, lies and possibly murder, ABC's "20/20" will feature a story about the former doctor and attorney Friday at 8 p.m. full article

February 24, 2011

Belarus Man Pleads Guilty to Running Identity Theft Site

A 26-year-old Belarusian man has admitted to running an identity theft website designed to thwart the antifraud measures used by many banks. full article

New scammers finding victims in older people

Identity theft has become a serious threat to almost anyone with a driver's license or credit card, but many criminals are going after one demographic in particular, according to one expert. full article

Popular Nightclub Reveals Too Much Information

LAS VEGAS -- A popular Las Vegas nightclub and restaurant could be putting credit card paying customers at risk for identity theft. full article

IRS: Don’t be scammed by fake communications

Washington, D.C. — The IRS receives thousands of reports each year from taxpayers who receive suspicious emails, phone calls, faxes or notices claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service. full article

Former Attorney Learns His Fate In Court

Kenneth Bernas was sentenced Wednesday morning to a minimum of two and a third to seven years behind bars for dozens of felony counts, including grand larceny and identity theft. full article

Security breach 'won't result in identity theft'

In November last year, a department employee breached protocol and downloaded information onto a laptop to take home. full article

Identity and Passport Service breaches data act

The Information Commissioner's Office has found the Identity and Passport Service in breach of the Data Protection Act after it lost 21 passport renewal applications full article

Private Information At Risk After Hospital Files Were Stolen

Letters were sent out to patients whose personal hospital records might have been stolen. full article

Ark. man accused of stealing 100,000 iPad e-mail addresses remains jailed after move to NJ

NEWARK, N.J. — One of two men charged with stealing more than 100,000 e-mail addresses of Apple iPad users remained jailed Wednesday after making his first court appearance in New Jersey. full article

Met called after hackers send obscene emails from university database

St George's University email list breached with messages claiming board involved in 'child pornography sting' full article

Man admits hacking into NASA, e-commerce servers

$275,000 siphoned full article

February 23, 2011

Disney workers sue over identity-theft risk

Disney employees filed a class-action lawsuit against the company claiming that employee identification cards expose them to identity-theft risk. full article

Chapman University students' personal information leaked

A document containing sensitive information on 13,000 students of Chapman University and its affiliate, Brandman University, was accidentally accessible to students last week, the university said. full article

Man Admits Stealing Dead 3-Month-Old's Identity

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Jacksonville man pleaded guilty Tuesday to aggravated identity theft and false representation of a Social Security number full article

Concern over abuse of online medical records

KUALA LUMPUR: Online medical records can have serious implications on privacy if they are abused or the information falls into the wrong hands. full article

Rejected plea offers hope for identity theft victim

LA PORTE — A La Porte woman whose credit was sabotaged by identity fraud was overcome with justice when a judge felt time behind bars was in order for one of the suspects in the case. full article

Cumberland Couple Arrested For Identity Theft

Kentucky State Police arrested a Cumberland couple on forgery and identity theft charges Monday. full article

Two men charged with identity theft

Charges of identity theft and other offenses were filed against two Delaware men after they were arrested in the parking lot of the Target store in the Concordville Town Center. full article

Woman arrested for identity theft

Utica Police Investigator Edward Smith arrested Jessica Barreto, 33, of Utica, for two counts of identity theft in the second degree, a class E felony. full article

Three arrested for Bell Co. organized crime

The Bell County Organized Crime Unit arrested three people in connection with a string of crimes that includes counterfeiting, mail theft, identity theft, forgery and drug offenses. full article

Eight years for ID fraudster

An identity thief who fraudulently claimed more than £1.3m in tax credits under false names has been imprisoned for eight-and-a-half years. full article

Credit/Debit Card Theft at the Drive-Thru

PEARLAND, Texas - Police have arrested 21-year-old Dayvon Clement in connection to numerous thefts of credit and debit card numbers in Pearland. full article

Man shot by officer arrested for mail theft

ANAHEIM HILLS, Calif. (KABC) -- A parolee who was shot by an Anaheim police officer last week has been arrested for allegedly stealing mail. full article

Sacramento woman enters guilty plea to mail theft

SACRAMENTO, CA - A 28-year-old Sacramento woman pleaded guilty to mail theft and bank fraud in federal court Tuesday, says the U.S. Attorney's Office, Eastern District of California. full article

February 22, 2011

Malcolm X's daughter arrested on suspicion of forgery and identity theft

The daughter of slain civil rights leader Malcolm X is in jail facing extradition to New York on charges of forgery and identity theft. full article

Identity Theft Hits Customers of Snow Creek Ski Resort

Hundreds of customers and some employees at the Snow Creek Ski Area in Weston, Mo. became victims of identity theft after authorities believe someone tapped into the resort's computers. full article

In brief: Bar tab leads to ID theft suspect

An unpaid bar tab led to a woman’s arrest on identity theft charges in Spokane Valley this weekend. full article

Man Allegedly Defrauds Liberty Tax

Fifty-year-old Randy Heath is charged with 23 counts of money laundering, theft, identity theft, forgery and giving false information to a pawn broker. full article

Cigarette purchases leads to identity theft arrest

A New York man is facing several charges after allegedly stealing a credit card and using it to purchase cartons of cigarettes. full article

Logan councilmember subject of identity theft, email scam

For those who are on Logan Municipal Councilmember Dean Quayle's email list, they likely received a strange message purportedly from Quayle. full article

Couple steals debit card, uses it to buy alcohol, rent motel room

SPOKANE VALLEY -- On Friday a woman reported her vehicle broken into in the 11800 block of East Maxwell. Her driver’s license, debit card and checkbook were stolen. full article

Ozarks Woman Gets Letter From Bank with Social Security Number on Envelope

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — An Ozarks woman says her privacy was violated by- of all entities- a bank. full article

ZeuS trojan attacks bank's 2-factor authentication

A variant of the ZeuS banking trojan is targeting mobile phone users who rely on their handsets to get enhanced, two-factor authentication from ING Bank Slaski in Poland, a security blogger said on Monday. full article

Woman pleads not guilty in identity theft case full article

Couple Arrested, Accused Of Stealing Mail

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma City police said they arrested a man who was stealing mail and identification cards from mailboxes around the metro. full article

February 21, 2011

Two men charged with identity theft

Charges of identity theft and other offenses were filed against two Delaware men after they were arrested in the parking lot of the Target store in the Concordville Town Center. full article

Rejected plea offers hope for identity theft victim

LA PORTE — A La Porte woman whose credit was sabotaged by identity fraud was overcome with justice when a judge felt time behind bars was in order for one of the suspects in the case. full article

Female identity-theft suspect still evading authorities

DAPHNE, Ala. — An unknown female suspect has stayed one step ahead of authorities ever since she began a scheme more than a month ago to steal the identity of women while withdrawing money from their bank accounts. full article

Emory Health Care Records Hacked

ATLANTA-- Emory Health Care says computer hackers lifted at least 77 patient records with personal information from it's orthopedic clinic off North Druid Hills. full article

Heartland Breach Settlement with Mastercard

Heartland Payment Systems entered into a $41MM settlement agreement regarding their highly publicized data breach incident with Mastercard, Inc. full article

Norton’s ‘Cybercrime Index’ Shows Daily ID Theft, Fraud Risks

Missing the Department of Homeland Security's color-coded warnings lately? Probably not. But computer security company Norton, part of industry giant Symantec, has created a new "Cybercrime Index" you can browse for free to take a daily measure of what online nasties might attack you today or steal your personal data tomorrow. And it's got plenty of colors and charts -- at the time this was written, threats overall were down 4%, and sported a green downward arrow. full article

February 18, 2011

Pictures: Identity theft suspects

The Madison County, Ill., Sheriff's Office is looking for suspects in an ongoing identity theft investigation. These pictures were taken at a Bridgeton, Mo., restaurant where the suspects used a credit card with stolen information. The bearded suspect was seen at a K-Mart in Springfield, Mo. The bartender in Bridgeton recalls the suspects saying they were from Springfield. full article

More than 100 charged nationwide with Medicare fraud

A task force has brought criminal charges against doctors, nurses and healthcare executives. They are accused of cheating the government out of $225 million by making fraudulent claims, taking kickbacks or money laundering. full article

5 arrested in credit-card fraud, ID theft

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested five Los Angeles-area people on suspicion of identity theft and use of fraudulent credit cards in the Santa Ynez Valley. full article

Protect Your Cash From Medicare Scammers

A lot of attention has been given to various ways that scammers bilk Medicare. But experts are seeing an increase in the number of cases in which the scammers target not just Medicare, but the Medicare recipients themselves. full article

Uncovering how questionable those big blue mailboxes are

The problem of thefts from blue U.S. Postal Service collection boxes apparently hasn't gotten any better in the past year. Neither the post office nor the Postal Inspection Service, which investigates mail crimes, will release information to the public when crimes occur. full article

Denver woman held in national probe of Armenian gang

A Denver woman was one of dozens of suspected members of a multi-generational Armenian street gang arrested Wednesday, believed to be working with other organized-crime groups to commit white-collar crimes such as identity theft and credit-card scams. full article

Former D.C. elected official sentenced to three years

A former D.C. elected official was sentenced Wednesday to three years in prison on charges stemming from an insurance fraud scheme involving the theft of his dead brother's identity, authorities announced. full article

Princeton Student Reveals Way to Access Students’ Personal Data

A Princeton University student whose Web site revealed the breadth of student information publicly available on Princeton servers has drawn criticism from the university and support from some students who say privacy safeguards should be tightened full article

Identity theft and college students

Identity theft: Does it only affect the wealthy of this country? From recent personal experience, I would say no. full article

Deputies Nab Five for Credit Card Fraud

Five people were arrested by Santa Barbara Sheriff’s deputies this week suspected of using fake credit cards – made with personal information taken from identity theft victims – to withdraw cash and gamble at the Chumash Casino. full article

BR man gets seven years for ID theft

A Baton Rouge man was sentenced Thursday to seven years in federal prison after admitting that he stole the identities of police officers in order to steal approximately $150,000. full article

Financial aid hacked; fraud scheme is under active investigation

A hacker (or group of hackers) recently attempted to tamper with the financial aid programs offered through the Solano Community College website. full article

Report alleges misuse of database

A new report alleges that Murphy Painter used his position as the state’s alcohol and tobacco control commissioner to illegally obtain information on judges, the governor’s staff, a former LSU quarterback, U.S. Sen. David Vitter’s wife and others more than 1,000 times over five years. full article

February 17, 2011

Thousand Oaks woman pleads guilty to 15 counts of identity theft

A 27-year-old Thousand Oaks woman has pleaded guilty to 15 counts of felony identity theft, including some while out on bail, the District Attorney's Office reported Wednesday. full article

Calif Armenian gang targeted in federal indictment

GLENDALE, Calif. – Authorities arrested dozens of suspected members of a multi-generational Armenian street gang Wednesday believed to be working with other organized crime groups to commit white-collar crimes such as identity theft and credit card scams. full article

Airline clerk charged in theft of credit card info

A former American Airlines ticket agent in San Jose has been charged with stealing customers' credit card information and using it to stock up on nearly half a million dollars worth of gift cards and other items from Safeway stores, authorities said Wednesday. full article

Two Rapid City men arrested on numerous charges of identity theft

Two Rapid City men were arrested in Deadwood on numerous charges of identity theft. full article

Amber Richardson Snell arrested for identity theft

Anacoco, La. — Amber Richardson Snell was arrested by a Vernon Parish Sheriff detective on Jan. 26, 2011 and charged with identity theft, unauthorized use of an access card and issuing a worthless check. full article

5th suspect held in ID theft ring targeting Holy Cross Hospital patients

PEMBROKE PINES — Federal authorities have arrested the last of five suspects in an identity theft ring that targeted patients at Holy Cross Hospital full article

Brentwood real estate developer indicted on fraud charges

BRENTWOOD — Real estate and golf course developer David Eugene Miller, a Brentwood resident, was indicted Tuesday in U.S. District Court on charges related to wire fraud, bank fraud and aggravated identity theft. full article

Johnson City woman arrested on multiple counts of property, identity theft

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. -- Officers of Johnson City Police Department arrested a 21-year-old woman Tuesday Feb. 15 on four counts of theft of property under $500, three counts of identity theft and three counts of fraudulent use of a debit card. full article

21 face charges in Internet drug scheme

BIRMINGHAM -- Au­thorities said 21 people in northwest Alabama face charges related to a scheme to use stolen and altered documents to get prescription drugs from online pharmacies. full article

Cyber crime costing UK a staggering £27bn per year .

Cyber crime is costing the UK an estimated £27bn a year, and UK businesses are hit hardest owing to high levels of intellectual property theft and industrial espionage, according to a new report from consultancy Detica and the Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance. full article

Winamp forums attacked, accounts and email addresses exposed

Hackers have broken through security protecting the Winamp forum database, compromising the user forums, exposing accounts and email addresses in the process. full article

CAMC database compromised patient information

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- The health information, Social Security numbers, names, birthdates, addresses and phone numbers of more than 3,600 CAMC patients "were accessible to anyone in the world" through an unsecure online database, members of the West Virginia Attorney General's Office said Wednesday. full article

Canadian finance ministries closed off from web after cyberspy hack

Chinese hackers have been blamed for looting sensitive Canadian government documents, forcing two government departments off the internet as a response. full article

February 16, 2011

Huge Identity Theft Ring Has 23 Victims, 11 Suspects

CORPUS CHRISTI -- Police say their case started with a typical report of identity theft, one checkbook was stolen out of a truck and then fake checks with the victim's information started showing up all over town. full article

Hacker Blackmails Nintendo With Personal Data From 4,000 Gamers

Earlier this month, an unnamed hacker reportedly infiltrated a Nintendo 3DS promotional site and uncovered the names, e-mail addresses and postal codes of 4,000 Nintendo members. The assailant then allegedly blackmailed Nintendo because he believed "the firm had shown negligence in not securing the information more effectively." full article

Data breach affects Mainers' bank and credit union accounts

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A data breach is affecting the bank accounts of what is potentially thousands of Mainers. full article

Sioux County man charged with identity theft, forgery

SIOUX CENTER, Iowa — An Orange City, Iowa, man is facing forgery and identity theft charges for allegedly using another person’s identity to gain employment. full article

Two men charged with identity theft

Charges of identity theft and other offenses were filed against two Delaware men after they were arrested in the parking lot of the Target store in the Concordville Town Center. full article

Pleasant Grove woman appears in court on identity theft charges

A Pleasant Grove woman accused of identity theft made an initial appearance in court on Tuesday. full article

Online drug scheme busted

LAUDERDALE COUNTY - Authorities say they have stopped a scheme that used stolen and altered medical records and driver’s licenses to obtain prescription drugs from out-of-state pharmacies online. full article

Missouri to require photo ID for vital records requests

COLUMBIA — Beginning March 1, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services will require photo identification when applicants request vital records. full article

“Nevada Jobs First” Bill Makes ID Theft Easy

There’s an old saying. No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session. Let’s add to that list his personal identity. full article

Part-Owner of Tax Preparation Business Admits to Preparing False Tax Returns and Aggravated Identity Theft

BALTIMORE—Tyrone Robert Campbell, a/k/a "Mr. Muhammad," "Muhammad Shahid," and "Tyrone Moore," age 42, of Baltimore, pleaded guilty today to conspiracy to file false tax returns, to aiding and assisting in the preparation of false tax returns, and to aggravated identity theft. full article

February 15, 2011

ID Protection Goes Far Beyond The Computer

Most people run anti-virus software on their computer to protect themselves from identity theft, but computers are not the only way they are at risk. full article

Tax preparer defrauded Uncle Sam, indictment alleges

A Kansas City tax preparer defrauded her clients and the federal government of more than $100,000 by charging exorbitant fees and stealing refunds, an indictment announced Monday alleges. full article

Want to Keep Your Credit Safe? Don't Go Here!

(CBS) According to a recent study, 57 percent of Americans have been victims of credit card fraud. With that statistic in mind, how can you make sure you avoid using your credit card in the places where you're most likely to become a victim? full article

New Scam Targets Job Seekers

SALINAS, Calif. - A new scam targets people most vulnerable in this economy - job seekers. The One Stop Career Center in Salinas is posting fliers, alerting people they could become victims of identity theft. full article

Letters expose Social Security numbers in Ohio

COLUMBUS - A mailing in Ohio has exposed the Social Security numbers of people paid by the state to provide child care. full article

Complaint about scam on Facebook prompts attorney general inquiry

Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen of Ridgefield is asking Facebook for information about its procedures for detecting and disabling fraudulent accounts following a complaint by a Milford legislator that her identity was misused in a scam that solicited her friends for money. full article

Find and Protect Forgotten Sensitive Information

The storage capacity of hard drives continues to increase, and the cost for that storage capacity continues to go down. The up side is that companies can retain almost every bit and byte of data that ever crosses the network--data that seems useless today may be valuable tomorrow. The down side, though, is that it becomes increasingly difficult to track where sensitive information is stored and make sure it is properly protected or securely disposed. full article

Woman accused of credit card fraud

A Cottage Grove woman is accused of taking personal information from a number of acquaintances and using it to run up purchases on their credit cards, Oregon State Police officials said Monday. full article

Impact Of Security Leak Still Far Reaching

Mesa County Sheriff's Office Continues To Alert People About The Breach full article

NY Hospital Data Theft May Affect Records of 1.7 Million

With the recent theft of an electronic medical records file now confirmed, New York City officials have begun the arduous process of notifying 1.7 million patients, staff, contractors, vendors and others who were treated or who provided services during the past 20 years at two public hospitals in the Bronx. full article

Children Increasingly a Target for Identity Theft

LAS VEGAS - Crooks can steal your personal information, drain your bank account, and create years of headaches. full article

Hardware keyloggers found in Manchester library PCs

Hardware keyloggers have been discovered in public libraries in Greater Manchester. full article

Police suspect ID thief at work in Ladysmith

Ladysmith merchants are being asked to be careful with customer information while Mounties probe a suspect in an identity-theft case. full article

February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day Cards: Consumers Warned against Personal Identity Theft through Scam Sites

Valentine’s Day cards are one of the best gifts during the celebration of heart’s day but legitimate sites warned consumers of personal identity theft, February 13, 2011 full article

N.J. man admits stealing government checks from mail boxes, postal trucks

CAMDEN — A southern New Jersey man has admitted stealing thousands of dollars of government checks from mail boxes and postal trucks in the Camden area. full article

Computer Stolen From Broken Arrow Hospital Sparks ID Theft Fears

BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma -- Saint Francis Broken Arrow says a stolen computer could put some 84,000 patient's identities in jeopardy. full article

Former Marine says he stole ID to join Navy

A former Marine has admitted in federal court that he stole his brother’s identity, worked at Naval Hospital Guam for about 19 months under a false name and faked his suicide to cover up the scheme. full article

To Catch a Criminal: Alias Names Cause Clogs in Courts

The criminal justice system has inherent flaws that can costs taxpayer money and potentially put an innocent person behind bars. full article

Former officer investigated for theft, fraud

A former police officer may end up on the other side of prison bars if allegations of theft and fraud are proved true. full article

2 Arrested for Identity Theft at Green Acres Mall

Two Queens men were arrested for trying to use a stolen credit card to buy a flat screen television at Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream on Saturday afternoon, Nassau County police said. full article

Recent indictments and convictions of Alabamians

In January, a Millbrook woman was indicted by a feder­al grand jury on charges of identity theft, wire fraud and conspiracy to make false claims for tax refunds. full article

Health Records Stolen From Van, 1.7 Million People Affected

The personal information of 1.7 million patients, hospital staff and associated employees was recently stolen, and city officials are notifiying potential victims to warn them about the loss of the files. full article

Russian SMS scam Trojan poses as Valentine MMS app

Criminals have developed a scam application that poses as a way to send MMS messages to loved ones and targets Russian mobile users. full article

California Man Gets Seven-Year Sentence for Leading Credit Card Fraud Gang

A California man was sentenced to seven years in prison for his activity as the leader of a credit card fraud ring that stole over $100,000 from eighteen financial institutions. full article

Vt. mulls ban on aliases online for sex offenders

MONTPELIER, Vt. — Vermont lawmakers are considering making it a crime for convicted sex offenders to use false names on social media sites like Facebook, after one such incident was reported in the state. full article

February 11, 2011

Local Police Chief a Victim of Identity Theft

Gonzales, Calif. -- "I was the first victim of it," says Gonzales Police Chief Paul Miller, who says he is the first of 15 known identity theft victims in Gonzales. full article

Woman arrested for identity theft

A 24-year-old woman who has been convicted of larceny has been charged in Isabella County with identity theft and other crimes. full article

Ex-police officer fears identity theft at Mallusk

North Belfast’s Mallusk Royal Mail sorting office is at the centre of a claim of alleged identity theft and mishandling of secure information. full article

Court For Woman Accused of ID Theft

MILWAUKEE - A woman who worked as a temp for Milwaukee County and was caught up in an identity theft scandal was scheduled to go to court Friday morning. full article

Fake ID may lead to identity theft: official

Fake identification purchased over the internet has been turning up more commonly on P.E.I., and officials are warning the consequences could go beyond a fine for possessing the ID. full article

Arrest warrants issued for fraud suspect

A woman caught on surveillance video at two banks while allegedly committing identity theft is wanted on two outstanding warrants for her arrest. full article

Beware: Sophisticated 'skimmers' out to steal your card data at ATMs

Sophisticated thieves are using tiny card readers and pinhole cameras to steal debit-card information from Western Washington ATM users, ripping off hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and merchandise. full article

Man denies $46,000 theft

A Mount Prospect man accused of stealing $46,000 from a woman’s checking account pleaded not guilty Thursday in Lake County Circuit Court. full article

Google boosts log-in protection for its users

Google will offer its hundreds of millions of users the option of adding a second verification step when signing into their accounts, to complement the existing password-only authentication mechanism. full article

Man charged with scamming real estate agents

BRIDGEPORT -- A New York man who police said passed himself off as a real estate agent and sold the same building in the city, which he didn't own, to two separate local real estate agents was arrested in Maryland Thursday. full article

Ex-LA County Social Worker Pleads Guilty To $2M Tax Fraud Scheme

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A former Los Angeles County social worker pleaded guilty Thursday to using his indigent clients’ personal information to file claims for nearly $2 million in refunds from the Internal Revenue Service. full article

WebCT victim of phishing scam

E-mails that appear to be from UNM may be from an imposter “phishing” for personal information. full article

Online dating site eHarmony hacked

Online dating giant eHarmony has begun urging its users to change their passwords, after being alerted by to a potential security breach of customer information. full article

February 10, 2011

Man Sentenced To 30 Months In Prison For Identity Theft

BRIDGEPORT — A citizen of the Dominican Republic who last year pleaded guilty to identity theft was sentenced Wednesday to 30 months in federal prison. full article

Lanham resident pleads guilty to alleged identity theft scheme

A Lanham man pleaded guilty Feb. 3 to taking part in an alleged identity theft scheme to take more than $300,000 from more than 40 financial accounts. full article

Arizona authorities break up identity theft ring

PRESCOTT, Ariz. (AP) — Authorities in Yavapai County say three people have been arrested in an identity theft investigation. full article

Elaborate ID Theft Operation Busted In Tuolumne County

VALLEY SPRINGS, Calif. (CBS13) — Federal investigators have arrested a Tuolumne County IT technician on charges of orchestrating a complex identity theft ring that victimized at least 1,400 people. full article

VB man pleads guilty to identity theft

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) - A Virginia Beach man pleaded guilty Tuesday to aggravated identity theft and conspiring to defraud the Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU). full article

Man Faces Federal Indictment For Fraud

Secret Service Says Man Caught With More Than 50 Phony Credit Cards full article

Leader of credit-card fraud plot gets seven-year sentence

A California man has been sentenced in Tulsa to seven years in prison for an interstate credit-card fraud conspiracy that involved more than $100,000 and victimized 18 financial institutions ranging from Merrill Lynch to the Bank of Hawaii. full article

Sheriff: Denny's Manager Charged With ID Theft, Embezzlement

Haw River, NC-- There is one thing certain about this time of year, cold weather and tax returns. Most of us who have jobs, are waiting on our W-2 forms to get those tax forms filled out and in the mail. full article

Banks commit security breaches

The Identity Theft Resource Center, which tracks and monitors security breaches that involve personally sensitive information, reported 662 incidents that exposed more than 16 million records in its year-end 2010 report. full article

Fake World Cup Ticket Scam Targets Cricket Fans

Security researchers from Symantec warn that fake ticket scams capitalizing on the huge interest into the upcoming Cricket World Cup have already been spotted online. full article

Payroll data of 550 DOC employees found on thumb drive in Madras

A thumb drive turned up in Madras containing confidential payroll information for nearly 550 Oregon Department of Corrections employees — a security breach that potentially affects as many as one in 10 DOC employees. full article

Labour forum leaks email addresses

'Unbelievably poor and sloppy coding' full article

HIPAA Penalty: Vermont AG and Health Net

HIPAA Penalty: Vermont Attorney General Takes Another Bite Out of Health Net's Apple full article

Four arrested as part of identity theft ring

Detectives from the Yavapai County Sheriff's Special Crimes Section arrested four people in late January on charges including fraud after they found evidence of an identity theft operation while assisting Arizona Department of Corrections parole agents during a check on a parolee in Cornville. full article

February 9, 2011

Lanham resident pleads guilty to identity theft

A Lanham man pleaded guilty Feb. 3 to taking part in an alleged identity theft scheme to take more than $300,000 from more than 40 financial accounts. full article

Woman wanted on identity theft charges

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Detectives are looking for a woman on identity theft charges after she went shopping at Wal-Mart and paid using a fake bank account. full article

Federal Government Report on E-Verify Shows Need for Biometrics, SIA Says

A recent report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) demonstrates that the federal E-Verify program needs a biometric component, according to the Security Industry Association (SIA). full article

Crooks use identity theft to score tax refunds

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Police say at least dozen tax filers have had their identities stolen this year from thieves who wanted their returns. full article

Va. Woman Gets 68 Months for Identity Theft, Wire Fraud

The former owner of a Smithfield farm equipment company has been sentenced to nearly six years in prison for wire fraud and identity theft. full article

Does Your Facebook Page Help Identity Thieves Steal Your Social Security Number?

According to an article on the Colorado Better Business Bureau website, computers can guess your Social Security number 8.5 percent of the time, simply by using clues gleaned from social networking sites. This is pretty scary information once you look at the particulars and realize the key information needed to scam you is in a lot of public places, not merely on your Facebook page. full article

Gonzales Woman Victim of Identity Theft

Dacia Cortez never thought someone would steal her identity. full article

Phone scams against the elderly

If you're retired, one of the biggest threats to your wallet could be that smooth voice on the phone. full article

Conman stole hotelier's identity to flee FBI

A Dunedin hotel manager had his identity stolen by a US conman who used it to flee the FBI through 14 countries. full article

Man gets prison time for stealing cable TV service

AUBURN (AP) -- A 50-year-old central New York man is going to prison for stealing cable TV service. full article

BBBwarns ofValentine’s Day scams

Valentine’s Day is a day for ro­mance and expressions of love — but it’s also an opportune time for scam artists to take advan­tage of those looking for love and steal their hearts and their money. full article

Guatemalan Says Chattanoogan Helped Him Get Fake Driver's License

Federal authorities have arrested a Guatemalan man, who said he obtained a fake driver's license from a Chattanoogan. full article

Macy’s employee charged with taking customer’s credit card

NAPLES — A Macy’s employee landed in jail Monday after Naples police said she stole a customer’s credit card to go on several fraudulent shopping sprees. full article

Breach Hits 2,400 MediCal Beneficiaries

The San Francisco Human Services Agency has notified approximately 2,400 MediCal beneficiaries and the federal government about a breach of protected health information, including Social Security numbers. full article

Data breach at recruitment site

Gardaí are investigated a security breach at the recruitment website full article

February 8, 2011

'Dead' man who stole brother's identity found in Hawaii

A man who believed his brother was dead has discovered he is alive and has been using his identity for almost 50 years. full article

Car, identity theft ring arrests

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Police in Flowood have made three arrests in a car burglary and identity theft ring. full article

Survey: Consumers say ID theft down 28%

Consumers say the volume of identity theft crimes plummeted sharply last year, according to a survey released Tuesday by Javelin Strategy & Research. The number of victims fell from an estimated 11 million in 2009 to 8.1 million in 2010, Javelin found in its eighth annual survey of consumers, by far the largest drop in the history of the survey. full article

Woman pleads not guilty to identity theft

BENNINGTON -- A former technician at Southwestern Vermont Medical Center pleaded not guilty Monday in Bennington Superior Court Criminal Division to a felony count of identity theft and 10 misdemeanor charges of unauthorized computer access. full article

Lawmaker gets firsthand lesson on Facebook identity theft

MILFORD -- State Rep. Kim Hunter Rose had never used Facebook chat. But about three weeks ago she discovered that, without her knowledge, someone was chatting with her friends. After a little more investigative work, Rose discovered that somebody had created a second Facebook account in her name, using a real picture of her. Read more: full article

Portable scanners 'pickpocket' data on credit cards, some say

A new type of cybercrime could be aimed at credit-card holders in central Ohio, but officials say proving it is next to impossible full article

Trusting Smithfield woman proved to be costly

Larry Lester was in the intensive care unit of a hospital recovering from a heart attack and a car accident when longtime friend Linda T. Rowland paid him a visit full article

Elderly Hellertown woman's aide admits opening credit cards in client's name

A Hellertown woman who served as an aide to an elderly borough woman admitted today to opening 13 credit cards and accruing more than $12,000 in charges and fees in the senior citizen's name. full article

Father and son investigated in poaching scheme

State game officials say the Springfield men used others’ identities to purchase hunting tags full article

Russian hacker avoids jail over WorldPay heist

A Russian hacker received a five-year suspended sentence on Tuesday after pleading guilty to playing a key part in the robbery of $10m from RBS WorldPay in November 2008. full article

Apple Hit with Another Suit Alleging Privacy Violations

IDG News Service — Apple has been hit with another lawsuit accusing it of privacy violations for the way it shares information collected from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users with advertisers. full article

February 7, 2011

Mobile insurance agent faces new charges: Using her dead mother's name for bank fraud

MOBILE, Ala. -- An insurance agent awaiting sentencing for defrauding her employer has been hit with new charges that allege bank fraud, wire fraud and aggravated identity theft. full article

Secret Service investigating identity theft cases

DAPHNE, Alabama -- The Daphne identity theft case in which a woman tried to cash a $75,000 check on the victim’s account has been turned over to the U.S. Secret Service now that authorities believe the same group is behind incidents in Atlanta and Niceville, Fla., as well as Mobile, Robertsdale and Saraland. full article

Former courier, state trooper faces multiple criminal charges

A man shot by police last April in a West End parking garage after he allegedly defrauded a Nashville law firm now faces an 11-count indictment. full article

The Monitor: Woman charged with identity theft

Chambersburg, Pa. — Beatric Martina Damian-Garcia, 35, was charged with forgery, identity theft and tampering with records or identification after Pennsylvania State Police said she used the date of birth and Social Security number of a woman to obtain a Pennsylvania photo identification card June 1, 2010, according to a news release issued Thursday. full article

Bellevue woman charged with stealing $457,000 from Microsoft

SEATTLE -- A Bellevue woman has been accused of stealing $457,000 from Microsoft Corp. full article

FBI to investigate Lake Wales fraud case

LAKE WALES - Lake Wales police have turned their city bank account fraud investigation over to the FBI. full article

Nasdaq admits hackers planted malware on web portal

Nasdaq admitted on Saturday that unidentified hackers had succeeded in planting malware on one of its portals. full article

Former Land O'Lakes pastor accused of identity theft

LAND O'LAKES — Donald Ewan never had an account with Fifth Third Bank, but there it was, an e-mail from the bank with his name on it, detailing a plan for Ewan to pay off an overdrawn line of credit for $21,816. full article

8 People You Trust With Your Credit Card, But Shouldn't

It's amazing how often we blindly hand over our credit cards and numbers to so many people and businesses full article

Health care fraud no longer a faceless crime

WASHINGTON — Health care fraud used to be a faceless crime — until now. full article

February 4, 2011

Local Child Ends Up with $450 Cable Bill

AUGUSTA,G.A. --Eight year old Joshua Bennet has never even talked to a Comcast sales representative, but the cable provider claims the kid owes them $452. full article

ID Thieves Targeting Children

Branson, MO — Identity theft continues to be an enforcement nightmare in this country. New figures show that the arrest rate for ID theft crimes is under 5%. And the victims are getting younger and younger. full article

Woman Arrested Again On ID Theft Charges

FELTON, Calif. -- A woman who spent time in jail several years ago for identity theft is back in trouble with law after being arrested Wednesday. full article

Rent-A-Center Manager Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud, Identity Theft

A Sri Lankan man who managed a Rent-A-Center in Liberal, Kansas, has pleaded guilty to wire fraud and aggravated identity theft. full article

Summerville man charged with fraud and identity theft

COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC) - Authorities have charged a 39-year-old Summerville man with fraud and identity theft. full article

Sheriff Arpaio Phoenix workplace raid nets 7 arrests

Maricopa County sheriff's deputies Thursday made seven arrests on suspicion of identity theft at a rebar manufacturer in Phoenix near Sky Harbor International Airport. full article

Woman sentenced in Pike County identity theft case

Janice Davis, 31, of Carbondale, was sentenced in Pike County Court this week to 18 months to four years in state prison for identity theft, forgery and criminal conspiracy. full article

'Dating' site imports 250,000 Facebook profiles without permission

How does a unknown dating site, with the absurd intention of destroying Facebook, launch with 250,000 member profiles on the first day? full article

Roman charged with identity theft

A Rome man remained in the Floyd County Jail on Thurs­day evening charged with identity theft, reports stated. full article

Madison man trying to get Huntsville insurance job gives phony attorney general's letter

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama -- A 28-year-old Madison County man pleaded guilty Wednesday to forging a letter from the Alabama Attorney General's Office when trying to get a job with a Huntsville insurance agency. full article

Busy ID thief caught on tape in Wilsonville

CLACKAMAS, Ore. – A man suspected of numerous counts of identity theft was caught on camera in Wilsonville. Police have asked for help finding him. full article

Multiple arrests made in credit card fraud ring

Louisiana State Police believe a 19-year-old McDonald’s employee from Lacombe was recruited by a criminal network to “skim” credit card numbers from drive-thru customers at the Mandeville restaurant. full article

Madison County deputies probe ID thefts: 'The crooks are taking information in cyberspace'

Police are investigating a series of identity thefts in northern Madison County. full article

Two men arrested in alleged mortgage payment scam

Two Las Vegas men were arrested Thursday for allegedly operating a scam to steal mortgage payments from homeowners, Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto said. full article

Local man sentenced for bank fraud

Vincent Howard, 39, of Rochester, has was sentenced by U.S. District Judge David G. Larimer to five years in prison for conviction of bank fraud and aggravated identity theft. full article

Credit Report Resellers Exposed Consumers to Identity Theft: FTC

Three credit report resellers whose lax security procedures allowed hackers to steal the credit reports of nearly 2,000 consumers have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they failed to take reasonable steps to protect consumers' personal information against identity theft. full article

February 3, 2011

17-Year-Long Identity Theft Case Ends With Arrest of California Man

A 17-year-long identify theft nightmare is finally over for a Florida man following the arrest of a California resident, reports. full article

Dozens charged in identity theft ring

NEW YORK, Feb. 2 (UPI) -- New York authorities charged 27 people Wednesday in an identity theft ring that bought Apple computer products for resale. full article

Identity theft through social media

AUSTIN (KXAN) - Identity theft impacts 15 million Americans every year. full article

Simi Valley man arrested in identity theft scheme

A Simi Valley man has been arrested on allegations of identity theft, forgery, possession of methamphetamine, possession of narcotic paraphernalia and parole violation full article

Fraud suspect waives hearing, heads to trial

Slapped with criminal charges amid allegations of identity theft, a Detroit man accused of using a fraudulent credit card to buy gift cards, clothing and electronics at the Canton Meijer is facing trial in Wayne County Circuit Court. full article

Son, 25, charged with stealing from dad's estate

Joshua O'Neal Kraus is accused of taking $141,037.61 from his father's estate that rightfully belonged to his mother, authorities said. full article

Phone Scam Catches Lakewood Resident, Serves As Reminder To Be Vigilent

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) Scammers are getting more and more creative as they try to get to your personal and financial information. A Lakewood resident reports getting a phone call that led her to log onto her computer, then the caller hijacked her computer right before her eyes. full article

Police: Corinth man stole elderly man's Social Security checks

CORINTH — A Corinth man was arrested by state police Jan. 24 and charged with stealing an elderly man’s Social Security check. full article

State Police arrest six for stealing credit card info from Mandeville McDonald's customers

A credit card fraud ring allegedly operating out of a McDonald's restaurant in Mandeville used information from dozens of victims to buy more than $50,000 in goods, authorities said Wednesday. full article

Police: Theft ring using stolen credit card numbers to load up on QVC goodies

BRIDGEPORT -- A ring of teenagers and adults have been using stolen credit card numbers to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars of gold jewelry from a national shopping network, which they then have delivered to vacant homes around the city, police said Wednesday. full article

Kingston DWI suspect used another’s ID, cops say

KINGSTON — A 20-year-old city man has been accused of pretending to be someone else during an arrest for drunken driving, according to state police at Ulster. full article

Identity thief tries to get cash from same bank with different IDs

TAMPA PALMS, Fla. - Tampa Police are searching for a bold suspect who tried to withdraw money twice from the same Tampa Palms bank using different stolen drivers' licenses. full article

Protect Your Credit Card from Being Compromised by These Cons

Credit card con-artists can be extremely crafty, something you know first hand if you've found yourself entangled in one of their scams. It's not just people on the news; many Americans find themselves scammed each year. full article

Univ. of Iowa Hospital discloses potential data breach

The University of Iowa Hospitals has disclosed a potential data breach involving the EMRs of several University of Iowa football players. The University of Iowa Hospitals issued a statement on Jan. 28. full article

Consumers urged to step up wireless security

Consumers are once again being urged to use the latest (WPA2) encryption technology and apply strong passwords to protect home networks from snooping and other attacks. full article

Researchers pry open Waledac, find 500,000 email passwords

Researchers have taken a peek inside the recently refurbished Waledac botnet, and what they've found isn't pretty. full article

Book Store Security Breach Causing Financial Aid Problems For Some ECU Students

Almost a month after a security breach was recognized and fixed at a local bookstore near East Carolina University, unauthorized charges are still posting to some students' accounts. One student says that's a problem because he's temporarily losing financial aid money. full article

February 1, 2011

Police investigate cyber crime

Reports of mail fraud and identity theft may have resulted in the arrest of at least one WSU student.

WSU Police served search warrants on campus in response to reports of identity theft and mail fraud, Sgt. Monte Griffin said. full article

Scammers target elderly

An attempted identity theft of a 96-year-old Bradner woman was intercepted by her son before she saw the letter. full article

Man gets 13 years in million-dollar scheme

An Atlanta man will spend 13 years in federal prison on charges of bank fraud and aggravated identity theft related to an elaborate million-dollar scheme. full article

Health services warns students about campus identity fraud

Upon going to Mary S. Shook Student Health Services, students will see signs displaying Appalachian State University Health Service’s policy—“ASU students wishing to receive services must present their own ASU ID.” full article

Woman who defrauded 2 St. Charles County banks gets 25 months

Lourdes J. Burgos, 44, of Inglewood, Calif., was sentenced Jan. 28 in federal court in St. Louis to 25 months in prison on multiple fraud charges, including aggravated identity theft, bank fraud and misuse of a Social Security number. full article

New FFIEC Guidelines Likely to Address Root Causes of Online Bank Fraud

Rampant Bank Phishing, Session Hijacking and Financial Malware Propagated by ZeuS Trojan and Spyeye Are Probable Priorities full article

McDaniel warns of financial fraud

Little Rock, Ark. — It’s no longer necessary to step out of the house to shop, pay bills and talk to friends. In all three scenarios, individuals only need an Internet connection. full article

The Safe Way to Use Public Wifi

Anyone who spends a lot of time working on a computer can speak volumes on the value of a change of scenery. Spending all of your time in the same chair in the same room can lead to a strong sense of monotony that can drive productivity into the ground. full article

5 New Online Security Threats to Avoid

CIO — I don't spend a lot of time on Facebook, so when I got an e-mail from the social networking site telling me "you haven't been back to Facebook recently" and here are some messages you missed, it didn't seem odd. I clicked on the link, wondering what one of my friends was doing. full article

Voter Fraud is identity theft--is it a threat?

The Wisconsin Legislature is following the trend lead by other states to require proper identification in order to vote. Voter fraud occurs when an imposter casts a vote in the name of another person—it is identity fraud. Like other forms of identity theft, voter identity fraud is nearly impossible to detect and few cases are prosecuted. full article

Pearl River financial advisor charged with $119,000 identity theft

PEARL RIVER - A Pearl River financial advisor has been charged with grand larceny after allegedly draining a client's annuity account of $119,000 over a three-year period. full article

Hailsham hacker ordered to pay back £124,000

A computer hacker from Hailsham who set up frauds to feed a gambling habit has been ordered to pay more than £100,000. full article

Arrest made in Laguna Beach credit card skimming

LAGUNA BEACH – Police arrested a 27-year-old Glendale man Thursday in connection with placing credit card skimming devices on gas pumps at the Shell Station on Pacific Coast Highway last summer, authorities announced Friday. full article

Thousands of Five County Credit Union Customers Issued New Cards Following Security Breach

Several thousand customers of Five County Credit Union are getting new debit and credit cards after security breaches involving an unnamed retailer and processing center. full article

Guggenheim family imposters arrested on charges of attempt to defraud

New York (CNN) -- A trio of Guggenheim family impersonators were charged Monday after allegedly trying to defraud investors by soliciting money and promoting bogus investment opportunities by posing as family members or representatives of the prominent American family, the U.S. Attorney's office for the Southern District of New York said Monday. full article

Ireland expels Russian diplomat over spy passports

DUBLIN—Ireland ordered a Russian diplomat to be expelled Tuesday, after an investigation concluded that the country's intelligence service used stolen Irish identities as cover for spies operating in the United States. full article