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June 2019 News Archive

22 News - WWLP , June 14, 2019

Have you or anyone you know been a victim of identity theft?

By Syndey Snow

Many people have fallen victim to identity theft or know someone who has. If you suspect your identity has been stolen you need to act fast. Identity theft occurs when criminals gain access to your social security number, financial accounts or other personal information. The article goes over the steps that need to be taken if you feel as though you are a victim of identity theft, and ways that you can prevent future attacks against your personal information. full article

2 from Michigan accused of identity theft; lost wallet leads to their arrest

By Angelica Sanchez

A man and woman from Michigan are accused of identity theft, but their alleged scheme landed them in custody at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport. The accused are Dallal Farha, 38, of Ann Arbor, Michigan and Robert Martin, 35, of Ypsilanti, Michigan. full article

Now This News , June 13, 2019

How to Avoid Identity Theft

Identity theft can impact your finances, emotional state, and a criminal record for years—here's how you avoid it. This link shows a short clip of the different ways that individuals can avoid becoming a victim of identity theft. full article

PINAC News , June 12, 2019

Florida Cop Arrested for Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud

By Keith Palmer

A Jasper, Fl police officer has been arrested on theft charges, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) announced on Wednesday. FDLE says 56-year-old Jasper Police Department Officer Reginald Akins was taken into custody and is facing charges of identity theft, credit card fraud and grand theft. full article

Daily Herald: Suburban Chicago's Information Source , June 6, 2019

Riverwoods businessman indicted on bank fraud and identity theft charges

By Henry Redman

"A 44-year-old Riverwoods businessman was indicted Wednesday on 11 counts of bank fraud and two counts of aggravated identity theft by a federal grand jury in Chicago, according to the U.S. attorney's office." full article

Fox 31 , June 5, 2019

Scammers heat up identity theft efforts as summer approaches

By Shaul Turner

Crooks are throwing some heat into their game as the summer season approaches. Rev. Tommy Richardson says he answered a threatening call from a person named “Donald” who said he was from the Social Security Administration. The article shows an interview with Richardson and how he handled the situation. full article

$19 million worth of iPhones stolen in massive identity theft scam

By Ben Lovejoy

Quartz reports that it was a large-scale identity theft operation: Over the past seven years, a New York City-based fraud ring allegedly stole more than $19 million worth of iPhones by posing as cellphone subscribers to get new devices at little or no cost. The six people authorities say ran the ring would then sell the stolen phones on the black market, getting away with the scam for years. As stated by the article, the massive scam has finally been put to rest, as the individuals involved have been caught. full article