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Rebovich Attends ECI Conference

Focus on Lessons Learned from Financial Crisis

Written By Ingrid Norris


Utica, NY (11/15/2010)
- The Economic Crime Institute of Utica College held its 21st annual conference at the Bolger Center in Potomac, Md. from Oct. 18-20. This year’s conference touched upon the lessons learned from the financial crisis of 2008-2009. The financial meltdown occurred as a result of fraud and corruption from various sectors in the financial and health care industries that led to many individuals and companies losing substantial amounts of financial resources.
One of this year’s featured speakers was Peter Wallison, commissioner of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. He is also the co-director of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI)'s program on Financial Policy Studies. Christy Romero, chief of staff of the Special Inspector General TARP Program; Louise Story, reporter for The New York Times; and John Reed Stark, managing director of Stroz Friedberg and adjunct professor of law at Georgetown Law School, were also speakers.

Sessions covered topics such as fraud in bailouts and TARP; data breaches and payment card industry compliance; data security and investigations; retail fraud and loss prevention, fraud and corruption on the loose; and loan application fraud.

The Economic Crime Institute (ECI) of Utica College was founded in 1988 to provide support for Utica College undergraduate programs in Economic Crime Investigation. While this was its primary mission, the vision for ECI went far beyond this relatively limited charge. During its 22-year history, the Institute provided and continues to provide support for education and research in economic crime and information security, providing a reliable resource for innovative solutions to corporate, government, and law enforcement entities.

The ECI’s first national annual conference was held in 1990 in Utica, N.Y. The conference dealt with topics on computer crime and attracted individuals from the northeast. By 1994, the conference was relocated to the New York City area, as the attendance had widened in geographical scope requiring the convenience of a larger arena. Two years later the conference was moved to Washington, D.C. Two years ago, the conference was moved to the William F. Bolger Center, Potomac, Md. Keynote speakers and conference panelists are drawn from the top levels of government, academia and private sectors on a regular basis.