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Center for Identity Management
and Information Protection
Dr. Donald Rebovich,
Executive Director
Utica University
1600 Burrstone Road
Utica, NY 13502


The Center for Identity Management and Information Protection will facilitate a national research agenda on identity fraud and theft, information sharing policy, and data protection. The Center is committed to providing thought leadership by conducting studies and conferences that will promote new prevention strategies, improved information sharing, innovative information use, enhanced technological solutions, and drive policy, regulatory, and legislative decisions.


  • Study the trends, causes, early detection, and prevention of identity fraud and theft.

  • Understand the evolving threat from cyber criminals, insiders, and organized crime groups.

  • Assess the impact of policy decisions, legislation, and regulatory actions.

  • Improve identity authentication systems to reduce fraud and improper payments, and protect national security.

  • Study the use of information, its protection, and the role of enabling technologies to facilitate privacy and information sharing.