UC Gaming Forum - Rules of Use

UC Gaming Forum - Rules of Use

Utica College Gaming Servers

Forum Rules

General Rules

  • Be nice. Malicious, offensive, or illegal content will not be tolerated.

  • Be respectful. Any person who uses the forum to harass, provoke, or harm any other individual or group in any way will be banned, and may face judicial sanctions from Utica College.

  • Keep it clean. Swearing and vulgarity will not be tolerated.

  • Using the forum to have others answer questions or solve problems for a class in a way that constitutes cheating is forbidden.

  • Posting sexually explicit, pornographic, or generally offensive content, or links to such content, is forbidden.

  • Posting warez, cracks, software keys, or copyrighted materials, or links to such content, is forbidden.

  • Posting on behalf of a banned user is forbidden.

  • This list of rules in not comprehensive. The moderators and administrators of this forum reserve the right to delete any post at any time. Users will be warned or banned for violations of any forum rules or Utica College policies.

Posting Guidelines

Please observe the following guidelines when posting to the UC Gaming Forum:
  • Remember that your username is attached to each post. Please be responsible and respectful when using this forum.

  • Engaging in healthy and respectful debates with other users is fine, as long as personal attacks and insults aren't involved. If you feel another user has crossed the line, please report the thread to a moderator. Don't make things worse by retaliating!

  • If you are asking for assistance with a problem, include as much information as possible, such as the exact operating system, computer specifications, error messages, etc.

  • Use appropriate and descriptive subject lines when posting new topics.

  • Never give out a password when posting to this forum.

  • Do not send a reply directly to the original author unless asked to do so.


  • Each user takes sole responsibility for his or her actions, including any damages that may result from those actions.

  • Utica College and its personnel will not be held responsible for any hardware, software, or personal damages resulting from the execution or use of information obtained via the UC Gaming Forum.

  • Forum contributors must know and accept that any requested support is limited to the knowledge and abilities of other forum contributors.

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Help Desk

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