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Nathaniel Piquette Posted: 01/22/2009 1:05 PM
Ways to connect the Nintendo DS

Is there anyway that the Nintendo DS can somehow be allowed to connect to the wireless at school? Currently there is no way to play online with this portable system.

David Parker Posted: 01/23/2009 11:11 PM
RE: Ways to connect the Nintendo DS

I'm not familiar enough with the Nintendo DS to say for sure, but my guess is that it can't be done.  Does the DS have a keyboard (or virtual keyboard) that lets you enter text?

David Parker Posted: 01/25/2009 4:44 PM
RE: Ways to connect the Nintendo DS

I don't think it will be possible to connect the Nintendo DS to UC's wireless network (but I still could be wrong).  I did some reading about the Nintendo DS and wireless networks, and I eventually ended up here:


There are two reasons I don't think this will work.  First, to get onto the unencrypted UC_OPEN network, you have to go through a "captive portal" system which requires you to authenticate using your Novell username and password before you are allowed to access the Internet.  It doesn't look like the DS has any sort of web browser, so you can't get to that page.  Also, Nintendo's documentation says that the DS requires an 802.11b connection, and I think UC's wireless networks use 802.11g exclusively.  I'm going to double-check with our network engineer because I'm not positive about that.

David Parker Posted: 01/26/2009 12:56 PM
RE: Ways to connect the Nintendo DS

I was mistaken in my last reply.  According to our network engineer, the wireless access points broadcast on 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g.

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