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About the Servers
Utica College operates dedicated gaming servers to accommodate gamers who play Steam-based games such as Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, and Counter-Strike: Source. On-campus players enjoy stable connections and very low latency (the average ping is 5) when playing on the Utica College servers. These servers are open to public players as well.
There are currently seven dedicated gaming servers at Utica College:
  • tf2.utica.edu (Team Fortress 2)
  • cstrike.utica.edu (Counter-Strike: Source)
  • csgo.utica.edu (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)
  • cs16.utica.edu (Counter-Strike 1.6)
  • l4d.utica.edu (Left 4 Dead)
  • l4d2.utica.edu (Left 4 Dead 2)
  • fof.utica.edu (Fistful of Frags)
To access these servers, simply add them to your favorites in Steam.
Please read the server rules before playing on the Utica College gaming servers.
E-mail gaming@utica.edu with any questions or comments about gaming at Utica College.

Server Status
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Server News
MAY 14, 2014: The UC Left 4 Dead servers were down for the last few weeks, but they'll be available again soon.
MAY 13, 2014: We're pleased to announce that UC is now hosting a dedicated server for Fistful of Frags. Enjoy!
APRIL 17, 2013: The UC gaming servers may be offline randomly over the next few weeks while we upgrade them to the new SteamPipe versions from Valve.
SEPTEMBER 3, 2012: The UC gaming servers are back online! Also, we're pleased to announce we now have a dedicated server for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Enjoy!
MAY 30, 2012: The UC gaming servers are currently offline due to construction work in our data center. Hopefully they will be available again soon.

NOTE: Steam and Steam-based games are not officially supported at Utica College.



Help Desk

(315) 792-3115
(315) 792-3006
1600 Burrstone Road | Utica, NY 13502