Printing Tips
Go Green

Print Less

These tips are to help you decrease paper use and optimize your allotted paper allowance, and your time when it comes to printing.


  • All of the computer lab printers are set to print on both sides of the paper to minimize paper usage.  Ask your instructors if you may submit papers this way.  If you have to turn this feature off, go to file/print/properties
    Print properties

    Once on that screen, go to the Finishing Tab, and Document Options un-check the 'print on both sides' option. Click OK to send your document to the printer. This will allow you to print on one side of a sheet of paper.
    Document options
  • One way to make the most of your allotted paper allowance when printing sources or text from the internet is to highlight the text you wish to print from the website, right click and copy it, open a blank document, and paste it into the blank document. Remember to also copy and paste the website address so you can get back to your source later if needed.  Printing it from the document will allow you to see exactly what you are printing.
    • An easier way to go about this is to go to file/print preview when you're online to avoid printing excessive amounts of unneeded material.
    • Another way to print a selection of text from a website is to highlight the text with your cursor, go to file/print and click the 'selection' bubble under the Page Range option. This also works for a selection of a word document as well.
  • To print individual pages of a multi-page document (say you only need to print pages 2, 4-6, and 8 of a 12 page document), go to file/print, and under the Page Range select the 'Pages' bubble. Type in the numbers you need, separated by commas (2, 4-6, 8) and click OK.
    Page range
  •  When printing PowerPoint slides it is possible to print multiple slides per page. Go to File-Print. In the Print What section, click where it says Slides, select Handouts from the list. To the right of that you can select the number of slides you'd like to print per page. It will show you an example of what this would look like printed.
  • Some web pages have a printable version already available, just look for the 'printable version' option before pressing print.
  • When possible submit assignments electronically so they don't need to be printed at all.


Black and White Printing

Printing at Utica College is now more Student friendly.  While other institutions are charging increasing amounts to print, we have done away with a printing quota for black and white printing. You no longer have to worry about running out towards the end of the year.

Color Printing

Color printing is still available, but the cost is different. You may notice that your quota amount now reads as 50. This 50 is what color prints will be deducted from. Each side of a page that is printed in color will deduct 1 page from your quota.

If you want to add additional pages to your Quota, you will need to fill out a Quota Increase Form and pay for the additional pages at Student Financial Services. Color printing beyond the first 50 pages will cost 50 cents per side.

Currently color printing is only available in the Library at the Circulation desk.  Please be sure to ask the Library staff for assistance if you need help printing in color and be sure to use only what you need.

Print Quota Purchase form

    This is used to buy more pages to add on to a student's print quota.  The form should be completed and taken to the Business office for payment.  Once the bottom of the form has been filled out by the business office bring the form to the Computer Help Desk for processing.  View/Download this form (8KB).


Once you print something (in the lab) it will be removed from you print quota even if you cancel the print job.



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