Minor in Philosophy
Major in Philosophy

Minor in Philosophy 

School of Arts and Sciences


This minor is designed to provide an introduction to the discipline of philosophy and to complement major programs of study in other disciplines. Students should consult their major advisers and faculty in the philosophy department about the appropriateness of this minor.

Total credit hours required for minor: 21

Course Credit Hours Year Taken
One of the following: 3  
Philosophy 205 History of Ancient Philosophy   2,3,4
Philosophy 206 History of Modern Philosophy 2,3,4
One of the following: 3  
Philosophy 107 Ethics 1,2
Philosophy 108 Professional Ethics 1,2
Five philosophy courses
(At least three at 300-level or higher.  History and Philosophy of Science 126 and 127 count as 100-level courses toward this requirement.)


Christopher A. Riddle, Ph.D.
Department Chair

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