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The Center for Innovative Learning’s mission is to support and advance sound instructional strategies for on-campus customers by maintaining an open and collaborative environment focused on the learner.

The CIL is here to help you with your instructional needs.  We are located in White 127 and available by appointment.  We most commonly help you integrate technology, such as Google Drive, the Engage LMS, Voicethread, and other media, into your instruction.

Katie Hanifin, Instructional Designer

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(315) 792-3446
Katie works with program directors, instructors, and subject matter experts to design and develop course content from module objectives to course assessment and everything in between. 

Questions Katie can help you answer:
  • How can I improve my discussions so that students explore a topic rather than end up at one conclusion?
  • Is there a way to streamline my grading?
  • I want my students to produce media to demonstrate a concept, rather than write another paper.  How do I get started?
  • Group work in my course is a jumbled mess!  Is there a way to manage groups and maintain a quality outcome?
  • How can I capture my students' attention on key topics in a time-efficient way?

Robert Miller,

Process Manager for Instructional Technology

Robert Miller

(315) 223-2505
Robert supports campus faculty through training and consultations.  He is also a key contact where instructional processes meet.  He manages all reporting for the CIL's projects, and facilitates communication between the various stakeholders across campus.  Robert is the CIL’s contact point for other UC offices where work processes overlap with campus instruction: Registrar, SFS, Banner Programming, Institutional Research, Student Success, Provost, User Services, and Engage Hosting (Wiley).

Questions Robert can help you answer:
  • I am looking for data.  Can Engage or Banner help me?
  • I am new to UC or new to Engage, how does this all work?
  • Is there an easier way to share content with my students?
  • What are some options for class communication or presentation?
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For technical or ENGAGE help please use the 24 Hour Personal Support Center

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Center for Innovative Learning

Center for Innovative Learning

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