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Edith Langley Barrett Fine Art Gallery
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Frank E. Gannett Memorial Library.
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Edith Langley Barrett Fine Art Gallery

Utica College
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Utica College


Fall Semester Art Challenge for UC Students

Theme: “Mini-Moose”

Begin the NEW Art Challenge with a kit –pick up kit at Student Activities, and let your artistic spirit run wild!
  • 100 KITS PROVIDED—go early to avoid the stampede or being left out
  • All submitted works will be displayed in the Strebel Hall Micro Gallery during the month of November

Pick Up the Kits:

Wednesday, October 17 – Monday, October 22

Student Activities Office
(all specs/instructions inside the kits)

Finished Works Submitted:

Monday, October 29 thru Wednesday, October 31

Student Activities Office and/or Barrett Art Gallery

Micro Case Exhibit Dates:

November 1 - November 30

(works placed in Student Activities for pickup)


“Mini Moose” ( or….how to be humorous & creative in how to get the giant moose compressed into a 4”x4” space )

Kit Includes:

  • 4x4” Paper Substrate
  • Miscellaneous papers, ribbons.
  • Name tag & hanging tab – pic on kit box to show you how to use the labels


  • Must use at least 3 materials from the kit (the paper support counts as 1 of the 3).
  • Total outside measure not to exceed 4” square.


  • Drawing, Painting, Collage (may include Photos as part of the materials),
  • Sculpture (not to exceed ¾” deep and not too heavy to hang).
Any combination of those is encouraged, other is considered creative.

Got Questions?

Moosemail us:

Check back with Student Activities on Monday, October 22—if there are any kits left, you may enter more than 1.