Carl W. Lohmann
Director of Residence Life

(315) 792-3285
(315) 792-3715 (Fax)

Residence Life Staff Positions

The Director of Residence Life

The director manages the seven College residence halls, the Residence Life Office, as well as the professional, secretarial, and paraprofessional staff associated with the program. The director is responsible for the overall leadership, quality, and development of the department of residence life. Moreover, the director processes all requests for on-campus housing, is responsible for room assignments, and coordinates all billing associated with campus housing. The director of residence life reports directly to the vice president for student affairs and dean of students.

The Assistant Director of Residence Life

The Assistant Director of Residence Life is responsible for overseeing all operational components of Utica College’s Residence Life program. The Assistant Director manages all student housing agreements and space assignment processes, liaisons with maintenance and facilities personnel, and is the contact for summer conference operations.

The Area Coordinator (AC)

The three full-time professional area coordinators (AC's) are members of the department of Residence Life. They are responsible for the programming and management of a residential area housing 300 to 500 students. The are coordinators also participate in the overall development and assume responsibility for the quality of the residence life program. Through personal contact, supervision of paraprofessional staff, and hall programming, the ACs assist residents with their growth to become well-rounded individuals. The ACs live in the residence halls and many of them further their own education as part-time graduate students at either Utica College.

The Resident Assistants (RAs)

Resident assistants are residence life student paraprofessional staff members who live in and assist with the management of the residence halls. For their services, RAs receive credit toward their room fees and a stipend. RAs are usually juniors or seniors who have previously lived in campus residence halls, and they receive extensive training in working with residential students.